Jews & “Jews of India” conspiring to instal Rahul Gandhi as PM ?

Bangalore: That Rahul Gandhi has become the blue eyed boy of the Brahminists is already known. DV has reported the world’s richest man, Bill Gates (Jew), coming to the constituency of Rahul in UP and assuring him full financial support. (DV June 1, 2010, p.5)

The upper castes are all agog over the coronation of the Prince of Wales.

The beauty of India that is Bharat is the Brahminists can manipulate and manage anything and everything. They can convert a damn donkey and call it the Derby race horse and make us believe it.

Dr. Ambedkar hated: The “Father of India”, Dr. Ambedkar, India’s greatest genius and the liberator of the millions, is dubbed a hate-monger.

So when the ruling micro-minority (15%) has such magical, mesmerising power they can easily instal Rahul on the Delhi throne.

The formula is keep the country hungry, illiterate and dumb. And put a donkey on the throne.

But the country is yet to know what Rahul stands for. The country’s overwhelming poverty-stricken masses have not even heard his name.

Nothing is working: Dalits of UP, India’s single largest state ruled by a Dalit know that he is anti-Dalit.

Nothing is working in India. Our Army itself has proved it. The No.2 man in the Army is facing court martial for corruption. The entire govt. and even private sector apparatus is inefficient, dishonest, corrupt and lost the people’s trust. Every wing of the society has collapsed.

Besides, every neighbouring country has turned hostile. Giant China is just watching. Over 85% of India’s deprived destitutes are in great pain. Both internally and externally, India is extremely weak.

Will the Jews, the enemy’s of the Western world, teaming up with the hated “Jews of India” be able to rescue India by imposing Rahul Gandhi?


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