Ambedkarite & Budhist Sanghas failed to fight Hindu violence


I appreciate the suggestions made by a Bengali Brother in DV June 16, 2010 (p.18): “Hindu violence will continue until Dalits hit back”.

By knowing the importance of direct action to safeguard and protect his movement, Babasaheb Ambedkar started the Samata Sainik Dal (SSD) with multiple objects. When we were students a community man taught us judo-karate. Our community became so powerful that no upper caste criminal dare touch us.

Karatewalas: Many times I used to hear that (1970) Nagpur was under the control of one single person named Bhujang, a Mahar. The whole of Nagpur was afraid of him. Budhists in Nagpur became courageous fighters because of these powerful karatewalas and the SSD movement.

SSD is dead: But today SSD is dead due to cowards and corrupt leaders. There is no movement in the Bahujan Samaj to protect us.

All the “muscle movements” comprising innocent hinduised Bahujans are controlled by the upper castes to promote their Manuraj. Individual elephant/tiger of Bahujan Samaj will never succeed. There must be a national or regional movement of trained, ready-to- sacrifice workers.

But this will remain only as a dream.

In place of meditation/Vipassana centres there must be physical exercise centres. That will help maintain our health and encourage direct action against our oppressors.

We have all failed: All Budha Viharas, Ambedkar Bhawans should give up worshipping, praying Budha/Ambedkar and start these physical exercise centres and also knowledge centres.

All our RPI, BAMCEF units, BSP, Justice Party etc. “working for Bahujan Samaj” have all failed to protect the rights (justice) of Bahujans assured in the constitution.

Recently, we formed AIMBSCS (all-India Moolnivasi Bahujan Samaj Central Sangh) at Nagpur to train committed Ambedkarites.


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