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I am not a DV subscriber but read it online. I read Periyar EVR’s book on Islam. Your website talked about it. I am an engineer in Madurai now. The only flaw in your writings and speeches is that you are too open and honest. People in general need a religion, not the truth. Perhaps that is why Gandhi used religion. The oppressed need dreams. You tell the truth, they run. It is the educated who are the worst, going towards Shankaracharis. Budhism and rationalism cannot stand in this world of greed and false spirituality. It is sad.

All Dravidian leaders have forgotten Periyar. They are taking care of their families now. The “world-is-flat” idea of the West enabled the sudden surge in land value. Everyone is grabbing land, including ponds, riverbeds. Grab, grab and grab, while the IT tycoons are making false sense of stock values. Greed has surpassed values.

TN Chief Minister Karunanidhi’s sons are fighting who will be the next CM. One is a thug in Madurai and another in Madras. Dalit politicians had forgotten social movement. A social movement is lacking. I am sending Rs. 5,000 tomorrow. You should not stop DV. (thinakar@gmail.com)


You are right. Jews in the West and Brahmins in India are spreading dangerous values with the help of the media they control. If you have enough like-minded people (5-10), you can informally meet once a week. Presence of women is very important. Right thinking people are in plenty but they are all dozed, not knowing what to do. Once a couple of you start meeting, many more will join. Muslims will easily come because they are the wrost victims of Brahminism. The whole of TN has forgotten Periyar. The so-called Periyarist leaders have taken to business — EDITOR.



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