Bahujan character is slavery


I am also facing difficulty in continuing the Bahujan Sangharsh. But I think the continuation of DV is a must. You should carry on as long as you can. We know Bahujan character is of slavery. The support Brahmins get is so enormous that a few of us cannot be a match to them. Let us hope in future some new persons will carry on the fight. I wish the “Media centre” of your dream becomes reality. But will that counter the entire Brahminic system?

This is my reply to the critics of DV saying a “political power” is more important than media. Mere political power cannot change a social system. This has come true as Mayawati has withdrawn the order on Dalit women cooks. Untouchability, caste discrimination will not go by joining different castes. This what Kanshi Ram tried to do. Brahmins become Chanakyas as soon as they join the Bahujan political power. The Editor of DV has repeatedly said it and proved it by citing concrete cases.

When a Marathi journal like yours is facing difficulty, you can imagine the plight of the English DV. You have referred to the Bahujan slavery. Please write frankly on the causes for this slavery. Better you organise a seminar on this very subject, inviting Dalits, Muslim, Christian, Budhist etc. We will contact our friends. Since Nagpur is the centre of India and also heart of Ambedkarite, the subject “Bahujan slavery” will attract a big gathering. Brother Nagesh Chaudhary is right. Both the political parties that ruled Tamil Nadu since 50 years are disciples of Periyar E.V. Ramaswamy. But both failed to publish the collected works of Periyar in English — not to speak of continuing the ant-Brahmin crusades of the great Dravidian revolutionary. This is true of BSP Govt. which has been cultivating the Brahmin and other upper castes — EDITOR.



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