Keep Bahujans starved by diverting funds to war & violence


Bangalore: The world has just learnt the official announcement of China becoming the world’s second most powerful economy, overtaking Japan. But the Hindu rulers of India, who have kept the over 85% of its slaves crushed, are least bothered about the failing health of the country. Because they say the country does not belong to them as they are Aryans, aliens and invaders.

They say their job is to rule India at any cost and they have been successfully doing it since centuries.


In 1962, China crushed India in a border war and even after about 48 years the border dispute remains unsolved. On one side the Indian rulers are spending so much on “defending” Kashmir where the local people are on perpetual revolt. On the other side it is spending its resources on guarding the Himalayan borders against China. And fighting Pakistan.

A major portion of the Indian tax-payers money is being diverted to defence expenditure, further depriving funds meant for the food, clothing and shelter of the 85% indigenous Bahujan have-nots.


Since the West, led by its Jewish hate-mongers are against China but chummy with the ruling “Jews of India” it is very difficult to get at the truth in this series of conflicts between India and China, Pakistan, Kashmir.

The native Bahujans are peace-lovers. They are poverty-stricken, illiterate and devoid of health care.

But the ruling micro-minority Brahminists are diverting our money to wage war against the these “enemies”.

Reading between the lines in Western media reports, we were able to make out that China-India relations are as bad as ever — if not deteriorating because India’s policy-making is in the hands of the hate-mongering Brahminists who being “Jews of India” always go hand in hand with their Jewish cousins.

China has patched up its differences with all its neighbours as far as border disputes are concerned — except India. The 4,000 km border between the two is the main bone of contention even after half a century. The border dispute affects pockets in Uttarkhand, Kashmir, Arunachal Pradesh — thousands of miles.


Such a lengthy border is manned by our Bahujan soldiers in freezing cold round the year. The Army bosses, all Aryan upper castes, spend time sipping whiskey in the cosy comforts of army clubs.

Brahminical rulers giving shelter to the hated Tibetan refugee, the Dalai Lama, is the main source of trouble between the two countries.

Whenever the Hindu rulers want to irritate China, they let loose the well-fed Tibetan hounds to attack the Chinese embassy in Delhi despite the embassy enjoying all the diplomatic privilege and protection. The entire police force deployed to “protect” the embassy belongs to our Bahujan Samaj.


As long as this hated Dalai Lama is pampered and protected by the Indian rulers, China will never be ready for any reconciliation with India. Political observers say the Hindu rulers are sheltering the Dalai Lama, a stooge of the West, only to irritate China.

Does it not mean India is deliberately diverting billions and billions of rupees meant for its Bahujan have-nots for border defence? Who asked the rulers to wage war against these countries?


If the rulers are genuinely interested in the well-being of its own population will it divert such huge funds for border defence?

Aryan rulers hate Bahujans and to punish them they play such war games.

The only thing that guides and directs the Indian upper caste rulers is hate. They hate the over 85% oppressed, starving Indians and that is why to keep them permanently under slavery they are not solving the border disputes.

In other words there is no chance of a border settlement with China.


The Hindu rulers have just pushed through a nuclear deal with US which the observers see as a sign of America trying to use India against China. India became a nuclear power to fight Pakistan. Now it wants more bombs and more powerful ones to face the super power China. That means more money will be diverted to buy bombs.


Look at the American hypocrisy. It is against Iran going nuclear but it is giving all-out help to further enhance the capabilities of the already nuclear power (India).

The hate-mongering Jews, after enslaving the White Western Christians, forced the West to attack Islam. Iraq and Afghanistan are pounded. But the West did not win — rather defeated. Their next target is said to be China for which they are using India’s Brahminical rulers.

Having been once defeated, is it ready to face China, now a super power? The Aryan rulers are not bothered.

If there is a war with China or Pakistan those who die in battlefield are our people. The money meant for us will be spent. Both ways the Brahminists stand to gain.

China is fully aware of all these developments and that is why it has encircled the whole of India. All the countries surrounding India have become closest allies of China after Hindu rulers quarrelled with every neighbour.


Pakistan and “Hindu India” had several wars and Indian rulers are itching for another war. “Hate Muslim” campaign is at its height in India.

Brahminical terrorism led by the Abhinav Bharat is preparing the ground with Israeli funds and weapons.

But China has assured full support. It has become Pakistan’s biggest supplier of defence hardware and fighter planes and guided missiles. And even bomb.

As long as Brahminical rulers continue to hold India’s neck, the Bahujans will be kept at starvation level with war and violence against neighbours always exploding on our face.

But when will the Bahujans wake up? When will they understand the Brahminist game to keep us enslaved? No answer.


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