Police raid on Calicut book house

Police raid on Calicut book house


Calicut: The office of the Other Book was raided on Aug.6 2010. The police team was led by Calicut Assistant Police Commissioner Showkath Ali. There was no search warrant. The police told the media that they had not seized any incriminating data from our office (Hindu, Aug.8, 2010). The reason for the raid was said to be that an accused in an undisclosed case under the Aluva police station limit possessed a book and pamphlet whose publisher they wanted to trace. The incident was part of the state-wide attack on Popular Front of India, a Muslim socio-political organization in connection with the attack on Prof. Joseph, who prepared a question paper insulting Prophet Muhammed.

The Brahmin-Nair led marxist-front Govt. of Kerala has proved to be more dangerous to Dalits and Muslims than the Manuwadi-Congress govt. The Other Book is a scholarly publishing house with which Dalit Vioce is closely associated. DV members in Kerala and Malabar in particular must strongly defend the Other Boook — EDITOR.


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