Today is the third death anniversary (coming after 12 years) of Yashkayi D.K.Khaparde Sahab.

Dear All
Jai Bheem! Jai Mulnivasi!!
Today is the third death anniversary (coming after 12 years) of Yashkayi D.K.Khaparde Sahab. As you all are aware that on 29th February 2000, our beloved Khaparde Saheb had left.

Hon. Late D. K. Khaparde was born on 13th May 1939 in Nagpur (Maharashtra, India). After completion of his education from Nagpur, he joined service in the Defence Establishment of Pune.
During the service at Pune Mn. Kanshiram who subsequently joined politics came in contact with him. Mn. Kahaparde had enlightened Mn. Kanshiram about the movement of Dr. Ambedkar. The crises on the issue of Jayanti celebration of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar in the Defence establishment galvanised the followers of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar who have decided to from an all India Organisation to spread the movement of Phule-Ambedkar and formed BAMCEF on 6th December 1976.
Mn. Kanshiram left him in the year 1985 and therefore he had registered BAMCEF in the year 1987 in consultation with other colleagues. He resigned from the service and dedicated completely for 13 years and established BAMCEF offices in 18 states of India to spread Phule-Ambedkar movement.
He was suffering Abdomen Cancer. After the 16th National convention of BAMCEF in 1999 at Patna, Bihar, he got admitted in hospital and succumbed to death on 29th February 2000 at Pune.
He was a symbol of self sacrificed full of dedication and commitment to Phule-Ambedkar Movement for the cause of social revolution in India.
Let us make his dream true of establishing a training institute for continuous development of well trained caders to guide the Mulnivasi Bahujan Society. Let us build this institute on 26 acre land dedicated to him on Nagpur-Amrawati Road.
Let us all pray floral tribute to Hon.D. K. Khaparde saheb and remember his great sayings;


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