Turning Point in the History of India 25th. December 1927 to 25th. December,2011Burning of Manu Smruiti Publicly.

Political power in this country (India) has too long been
the monopoly of a few and the many are, not only beasts of burden, but beasts of prey. This monopoly has not merely deprived them of their chance of betterment; it has sapped them of what may be called the significance of life. Those downtrodden are tired of being governed. They are inpatient to govern themselves. This urge for self-realisation in the downtrodden classes must not be allowed to devolve in a class struggle or class war. It will leave to a division of the house that would indeed be a day of disaster. Abraham Lincoln
Said it very well, A house divided against itself cannot stand very long, therefore the sooner room is made for the realisation of their aspiration the better for the few, the better for the country, the better for the maintenance of its Independence and better for continuance of its democratic structure.
This can be done by the establishment of Equality, liberty and Fraternity in all spheres of life.DR. B R Ambedkar (speech in the
constituent assembly on 25th. November (1949) One wonders why Baba Sahib Ambedkar resolved to this unthinkable action in those days. What did he planned to achieve with this action. Baba Sahib did not write much on that but reading through his above statement one can work out some Ideas.

Having returned from USA with a powerful education weapon he goes to Baroda to work according to his scholarship contract. There he meets lot of nonsense , insult and humiliation. He was evicted from his Parsi Inn room at midnight to rub salt on his
wounds. He gathered himself and his belonging, moved into sayaji Gaikwad garden ,sat under the tree and wept
bitterly . He could not understand why this treatment to him being very highly educated and well placed in Job
status. He recalls that My guru Mahatma Joity Ba Phuley said Education is the root cause of backwardness and untouchability
no there is something more to that. There he analysed that It is the
Brahminical Social Order that does not allow
these other castes to respect and touch an Untouchable because the fear was being polluted. Manu Smruiti He found is the constitution
of that social order to enforce that system. He bows under that tree that if he failed to uproot this social system he will kill himself with a bullet through his head. He may have further decided that unless he get rid this constitution of
Brahminical social system it is impossible to establish equality and
fraternity. I feel I feel this Sankallap (Bow) Bhoomi
that place is know for, make him take this powerful action. This was a turning point in the life of Baba Sahib Ambedkar and also in the history of India.
I further feel he wanted to send three messages in one go ie that in Ambedkar Brahmins have a fighter extraordinary ability and capacity ,they have never-ever experience before. He also wanted to take fear out of the minds of Schedule Castes that they were not there to be treated like animals they are equal to any human being in India. He wanted to turn into ashes the sacredness of Hindu ( Brahmins) religious Books. Where he succeeded single handily we failed him being Bahujan Mulnivasi of 85% of Indian Population. Salute to Manaywar Kanshi Ram Ji ,who understood Mahatma Joity Ba Phuley and Baba Sahib Ambedkar and their ideology and strategy ad adopted it and bowed to fulfil it. Thanks to him
and and Behan Kumari Mayawati we are on the right track having wasted many valuable years. Let us march on with this caravan of Change until the dreams of our forefathers are fully accomplished.
We need to high light and celebrate these historical day very often and with full vigour and vitality. This we can only achieve if we grow out of these caste cells and behalves like one community and one brotherhood and live and die for each and other . Vote is one powerful weapon to resolve all out problems Use vote
wisely and experience the benefits.

M S Bahal
Bamcef International Network


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