Shivaji-“a legend” replaced by Teddy Bear

 Shivaji-“a legend” replaced by Teddy Bear

Ganesha Chaturthi is being celebrated as a national festival in this Brahmanical India without any historical basis. The irrational history of the Vinayaka, written by Brahmans, reveals the strategy of subjugating the aborigines of India and it’s the agency which is used to create communal attacks.
The birth of Vinayaka is being interpreted differently in the different brahmanical texts such as Siva Puranam, Kanda Puranam, Vinayaga Puranam and Thakka Yaga-Parani. It is crystal clear that the Vinayaka does not have any kind of historical origin. The whole festival of Ganesha Chaturthi had been started by Peshwa Balagangadar Tilak in order to strengthen the Brahmanism against the bahujans and to put an end to the Shudra king Shivaji’s Jayanthi in 1893, which was started by Mahtma Jyoti Rao Phule in 1870 in Pune. Mahatma Phule says that “the Manuvadi Brahmins divided the aboriginal rulers of this country in to Shudhras and ati-shudhras”. In order to bring the hidden history into the fore front, the Father of Social revolution in India Mahtma Jyoti Rao Phule started the celebrations of Shivaji Maharaj to commemorate the prosperity of the shudhras under his rule. Shivaji was killed by the Eurasion Brahmins to perpetuate the inhuman atrocities against the shudhras in the form of the Caste system and Untouchability.On a certain day, Siva’s consort Parvathi went in privately for bathing. Desirous of appointing a guard, she collected a mass of dirt from her own physique and ordained it to be a male child. This dirt-turned lad prevented the entry of Siva when he tried to sneak into the bathing place. Enraged at the obstruction of the young guard, Siva cut off the head of that lad. Parvathi took serious objection to this high-handed brutality and began crying profusely. To assuage her bitterness, Siva wanted to revive the life of the lad. As the severed head was not found, he beheaded an elephant and fixed its head on the trunk of the lad. There is another story about the birth of Vinayaka, that “both Siva and his divine consort Parvathi saw in person the co-habitation of a male and female elephant. With the impact gathered thereby, when Siva himself co-habited with his consort, a child was born with an elephant-head whom we call Ganesha”. (Shiva Puranam and Kanda Puranam)

To critique these irrational stories Periyar rose following questions about the birth of Vinayaka:

Is it believable that an elephant head can be fixed on the trunk of the child?

How long hadn’t Parvathi taken bath to produce the quantity of the dust ordained it to be a male child Ganesha?

Wasn’t there a door to their bathroom?

What urgency Shiva had to rush into the bath room, even cutting the guard’s head?

When guard stops Shiva, how justifiable chop guards head?

With body dust, how can woman produce a child? If so, isn’t it against natural process of birth?

Is it scientifically possible for anyone to have an animal head and human body?

As our father of Nation Dr. B.R Ambedkar says

“One can do nothing with the Brahmanic theories except to call them senseless ebullitions of a silly mind”.

“For no intellectual class has prostituted its intelligence to invent a philosophy to keep uneducated country men in a perpetual state of ignorance and poverty as the Brahmins have done in India”

This is the high time to expound the hidden history of Shivaji and to sensitize Bahujan Samaj to continue our ancestor’s legacy by following the path, which was given by our Bahujan Revolutionaries. And we must rewrite the history to establish egalitarian “Bahujan Samatha Samaj”.

         (All India SC, ST, OBC and Religious Minorities)


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