Save Constitutions Rally and the protest against Anna Hajare's campaign By Dr. Udit Raj

Save Constitution rally held at India Gate
New Delhi. 24th August, 2011.

Today, the All India Confederation of SC/ST Organisations and many other organizations assembled at India Gate and from there marched to Jantar Mantar to save the Constitution and protest the methodology of agitation of Anna team.

Thousands of Dalits, Backwrds, Minorities and Progressive people participated and various leaders of these communities like Aruna Roy, Abraham Mathai, Chandra Pal Singh, M.J. Khan, Bishop Concessao, Immanuel Dominic also addressed the rally. And it was unequivocally resolved to submit a memorandum to the Prime Minister that they should not be ignored and equal opportunity be given to present Bahujan Lokpal Bill before standing committee.

While Addressing the Rally, Dr. Udit Raj, the National Chairman of All India Confederation of SC/ST Organisations, said that no doubt there is rampant corruption and price rise. But the fight against it should not undermine the Constitution made by Dr. Ambedkar. There should not be an attempt to make super govt. over the elected govt. It is being propagated that nation is with this civil society group, how it is possible that out of nearly 85% population, i.e., dalits and OBCs, there is none able to be in their company and there are no honest people in them. There is murmuring among these people that this movement is latently against reservation and other interests because some of its leaders are associated with Youth for Equality Forum which is known for anti-reservation.

Dr. Udit Raj further said that Anna Team’s demands are extra constitutional and undemocratic. There is very delicate and fine balance amongst the three organs of the govt., namely, executive, legislature and judiciary and the way the Jan Lokpal Bill is worded it will destroy this balance. Lokpal, who is not elected by the people, is more likely to be whimsical, corrupt, casteist and partial. Because of emotion and also on account of caste factor, supporters are not understanding the entire gamut of truth. Disbelief in democracy is nothing other than

autocracy, monarchy and anarchy. If the nation is with them as being campaigned, then what is the problem? They should wait and let elections come, either Anna’s team or those whom they bless will come into Parliament and then it will be very easy to pass this bill. Why the protagonists of Jan Lokpal Bill did not include NGOs, Media, Corporate Houses as well as violation of dalit rights as an act of corruption. Currently, the corporate houses are the main source of funding of black money to the politicians and if left out of the Lokpal, corruption can’t be plugged. Big businessmen are so influential that they don’t even care for members of Parliament, senior bureaucrats and ministers.

Will the Lokpal come from heaven or be imported and in any case he will be from the very same society. What is the guarantee that he will not be corrupted and chances are more for him to go more irresponsible and corrupt as he will not be afraid of seeking mandate from people in future. There is no provision of reservation for Dalits, Backwards and Minorities in the Jan Lokpal Bill. Anna Hazare does not understand properly that the monetary corruption can not be fought till there is fight against mental one. In fact, the corruption is more of the nature of social than political.

Backwards, dalits and minorities are perturbed and dalits rather more because they are afraid that in future Anna hazare - like people can ask govt. to do away with reservation under threat to commit suicide or fast till death. Dalits are asking that what is the view of Anna Hazare on the issue of reservation for dalits in private sector, and so far he has not expressed his views and that is why they are away from this movement. When North Indians were attacked in Maharashtra ,where was he? He has also so far not criticized the Modi Govt. in Gujarat for the atrocities on the Muslims in 2002. Anna Hazare himself should render an account of the expenses incurred on his movement and the sources thereof. Though the current scenario is not acceptable but with Jan Lokpal, the country will head towards bigger evil from lesser evil.

(Abhishek Katiyar)

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