Since ancient times, there is struggle of invader BRAHMINS versus native (MULNIVASI) INDIANS. Brahmins destroyed Indus civilization of India and made all Indians as SLAVES ( i.e. SHUDRAS). Lord Buddha and Mahavira done revolution against Brahmins and destroyed brahamanism. Brahmins done counter-revolution against Buddhism and Jainism and imposed MANUSMRITI on all Indians and made them again slaves ( i.e. HINDU means SLAVES).

WARKARI SAINTS and Mahatma Basveshvara done revolution against Brahmins and brought kingdom of Shivaji Maharaj. Brahmins done counter-revolution against these native Indians by killing all saints like Namdev, Tukaram, Guru Nnakji, Ravidasji, Kabirji, Shivaji Maharaj, Smabhaji Maharaj,etc. and brought the rule of Brahmin PESHVA’S. 

Native Indians done REVOLUTION against the Brahmins by converting themselves into ISLAM, CHRISTIANITY, BUDDHISM, SHIKHISM, JAINISM, etc. Some peoples gone into jungle and became ADIVASIS and BHATAKE VIMUKTA JATTI ( NT/DNT/VJNT) to reject Brahmins monopoly. Brahmins started COUNTER-REVOLUTION against ISLAM, CHRISTIANITY, BUDDHISM, SHIKHISM, JAINISM by provoking HINDUS and created HINDU-MUSLIM, HINDU-SHIKH, HINDU-CHRISTIAN, HINDU-DALIT riots. Brahmins started COUNTER-REVOLUTION against ADIVASIS by starting a war against them in the form of OPERATION GREEN HUNT; which means OPERATION ADIVASI HUNT and KILL.

Mahatma Phule, Shahuji Maharaj and Dr.Ambedkar done revolution against the PESHVA’S and eradicated the Brahmins rule by giving an Indian constitution. Cunning Brahmins like Gokhale, Agarkar, Savarkar and Brahmins agent baniya Gandhi done counter-revolution against Phule-Shahu-Ambedkarite REVOULUTION and made constitution in-effective by imposing Poona pact.

BAMCEF AND BHARAT MUKTI MORCHA continued the Phule-Shahu-Ambedkarite REVOULUTION after Kanshiramji and started a nation wide campaign against the invader Brahmins. 0n 21 st August 2011, there is nation wide RALLY programme and on 1 st Sept.2011, there is SANSAD GHERAO in Delhi. To divert peoples attention from the REVOLUTION OF BAMCEF AND BHARAT MUKTI MORCHA, Brahmins are doing COUNTER-REVOLUTION by using agents like ANNA HAJARE and RAMDEV BABA.

Dear all MULNIVASI INDIANS, please understand the real friend and the real enemy. BAMCEF and BHARAT MUKTI MORCHA is the REAL FRIEND and RSS and ITS ALLIED are the REAL ENEMIES of all INDIANS. So, please JOIN IN BAMCEF AND BHARAT MUKTI MORCHA to get our freedom. Say “ JAY MULNIVASI, BHAGAO BAMAN VIDESHI.”


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