New form of Brahmanism

The new model of Project Brahmanism is to fight against corruption and population growth not against casteism, fascism, communalism, gender inequity, capitalism or anything else.Well corruption had been always a yardstick to freeze the core issues of any region. The issues I have mentioned above that I have mentioned about. The word corruption is a misnomer, for it implies that there is something called honest… capitalism. Corruption is worked into the fabric of capitalism. Sir Francis Drake made a fortune as a “privateer,” the polite word for pirate. In addition to indulging in the very lucrative slave trade, he routinely captured and ripped off French ships. One nation’s piracy was another nation’s foreign policy.

In the film “The Untouchables” , Al Capone tells a group of reporters, “You can get further with a kind word and a gun than you can with just a kind word.” This is not only the creed of criminal gangs but also of states. What one state considers a criminal act–for example, the invasion of Iraq–another, the U.S., considers kindness with a gun.

Corruption reaches its most frenzied peak at the height of economic booms, when everyone’s trying to get rich. Speculation drives up stocks, and profits. Books are doctored to hide problems so that the good times can continue to roll. When the bubble bursts, the most egregious scandals are exposed.

To retain an image of fairness, the courts prosecute a handful of cases. This does not eliminate corruption, but temporarily drives it underground. Faith is restored in the system, and the whole cycle begins again.

But capitalists will engage in anything that is highly lucrative if they can get away with it. Moreover, if they are willing to line the pockets of politicians, they often can get away with it. When we look into the history almost all fascist movements started by “cleansing all corruptions” all over the world. Slowly it moved against minorities of all walks in the course. Why the movement of Irom Sharmila for minimum democracy in those states has not been attracted the “media” or the “agitated youth” and “Gandhians” of this country?

I want to bring to ur notice a small thing.. Please follow this link..http://cgnetswara. org/index. php?id=4158. It’s related to PESA area. Adivasi houses have been bulldozed against Gram Sabha resolution in Surguja of Chhattisgarh. . but it never becomes an issue; nor its part of any sort of corruption.. If corruption is the real issues then why don’t people talk about the “CORRUPT” mindset of every Indian who believes in Brahamanism? Is it not a state of mental corruption? And remember the entire upper middle class crowd who walked behind Anna are the same ones who were in the anti-Mandal agitations in early 90s, the anti SC-ST reservation movements on the streets of Delhi in mid-2000s. So someone tell us who are these ones? Are they not the supporters of Casteism, Fascism, Communalism, Capitalism.. . Are they not driven by the social system and market forces? This might give you an impression that I am supporting corruption per se which is not correct. But what one needs to understand is that corruption is not the real issue. It is just one of those indicators. The real issue is much deeper.

In India project Capitalism wouldn’t survive with all its neoliberal programs unless they take support of the already existing social and political domination and exploitation. As such Capitalism is relatively modern than Brahmanism and therefore the survival of Capitalism could only become a reality when the upper hand remains Brahmanism. Remember Brahmanism is a social ideology of complete domination and for Capitalism to align with there is no better
ideology than Brahmanism.

At this stage let me make a point. Brahmanism as an ideology could be amidst anyone – not only among Brahmans but also among others. I know many Brahmans who are not Brahmanical. Having said this it is also essential to make another point that Brahmans in the past had
contributed extensively to the growth of Brahmanism as an ideology. The contribution of textualisation of history to regularisation of the texts is a definite attribution which is neither hidden nor could be erased. Even today a sizeable number of them do have similar expressions, language, body language, gestures, postures, attitudes, etc. Naturally it builds a sense of complete domination to unpredictable magnitude. These forces had successfully operated the
mass attack on Dalits, Adivasis, OBCs, working class and women; further succeeded in disintegrating all these; created more and more confusion.

Today Brahmanism as a rigid structure might have become more fluid, but now it as emerged as a billion dollar program. New formats, new incarnations, new methods have been devised. One cannot be ignorant to these developments.


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