India and lokpal by ::- Kshipra Kamlesh Uke

India and lokpal
 by Kshipra Kamlesh Uke on Thursday, 25 August 2011 at 08:22
 Dear friends,
 India never had a problem of laws. It has laws for safeguarding almost
 every aspect of it's citizen's life. 
The problem of India is the "Implementation of those laws". We had Manu's law in this country which was implemented honestly as it benefitted a particular section of the society but when this law was replaced by a humane system of
 rules, we could not replace the people who would implement those set
 of rules. AND THAT MADE ALL THE DIFFERENCE. The people who were in power at that time, in reality, implemented manu's laws in the name of
 constitution and democracy. But when the democratic voices started
 surfacing they started bribing those voices. There was off-course a
 silence for some time but the socio-political changes could not hold
 that silence for long. And today we can see the voice against these
 so-called protectors who r infact the most corrupt part of the system.
 We do not at all need any lokpal. And dear friends, mark my words,
 this lokpal is not for curbing corruption. this lokpal is for curbing
 the democratic voices which are actually against corruption. Anna and
 co.'s two times meals actually depends on the existing corrupt setup
 and they cannot afford to lose it. == We have a law against dowry, has
 dowry vanished? We have a law against child labour, is it a history?
 We have stringent laws against caste discrimination, could we curb it?
 We have a law against sex-determination of a foetus, could we stop it?
 AND, who does these things? Off course, it is found in almost all
 strata of the society but the most influential, elite, urban,
 so-called educated people are leaders in doing these kinds of acts.
 Can we make a law against corrupt mindset? And even if we make one,
 how to implement it?


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