Anna Hazare is anti-Dalit: Mayawati

By: Agencies Date: 2011-05-13 Place: Lucknow
 Social activist Anna Hazare has laid bare his anti-Dalit mindset by not including even one member from the community on the anti-graft Lokpal Bill drafting committee, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati said Friday.
Addressing a special function to mark the completion of four years of her government here, she said: "Just as the Congress-led central government displayed its anti-Dalit approach by not caring to include a Dalit in the Lokpal Bill draft committee, so did Anna Hazare, by not bothering to have a Dalit on his civil society panel, which reflects his anti-Dalit mindset."

 According to her, "the exclusion of Dalits from the draft committee as a whole is a betrayal of the entire Dalit population of this country".

 "While I welcome the various anti-corruption movements across the country, I am intrigued about the intent behind Anna Hazare's move to use Uttar Pradesh as a launch pad for his movement.

 "Even though Anna Hazare belongs to Maharastra, where there is no dearth of scams, and likewise, there are scams in several other states too, yet he launched his anti-corruption campaign in UP, where not a single scam has taken place," the chief minister said.

 "It appears that some people in Anna Hazare's civil society were politically motivated and they had chosen UP as a battleground for their campaign only under the influence of certain political groups.

 "No wonder, the much hyped anti-corruption campaign is fast getting reduced to an anti-Dalit exercise," she said.


  1. Saint said...
  2. Ambedkar once said "if a man ...There is, an old saying which befits the occasion (Bagal men chhuri Munh men Ram Ram); ‘God’s name on the lips and dagger under the arm’. If such a person can be called a Mahatma, by all means call Gandhi a Mahatma. According to me he is no more than a simple Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi"

    the so called Anna whoever this guy, but one thing is clear he claims to be a gandhian?, we all know what gandhi did to this country, he perpetrated poverty and let loose caste system rule India. Such a man is the leading light of Anna, what do you think, a man who believes in gandhi believes in caste system, varnashrma?. And, man who believes in Varnashrama is the Most corrupted in the world, how come it is even conceivable, let alone act like protesting for some good cause, how come such person can fight against corruption if he or she is the most corrupted of all?. Anna is not only a casteist/racist, he is the most corrupted Indian of all to sit and do dharna against corruption. It is simply a meaningless acting.

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