Yet another bogus Gandhi fools Those willing to be fooled

There is already enough information out there written by honest journalists about Anna Hazare. Nobody is born with knowledge, pre-embedded in their brains when they are in their mother's womb.
Anybody can find out all this stuff -- even non-journalists. If you are literate, know English and have access to Google, you have access to all the information in the world. What is the need to wait for anybody to "enlighten" you? Is it not your own responsibility to not fall into anybody's trap? Including that manufactured by the media and politicians? When in doubt, simply find out. Cultivate a skeptical attitude. That's all that is needed. No need to blindly follow anything including the corporate and politician-controlled media. No need to trust any journalists, whorenalists or presstitutes either. You have a brain and Google. Simply keep it open and use it. Like the Nike slogan goes "Just Do It". Just because you don't get nectar, kindly do not go and swallow poison. Anyway, permit me to bring to your notice yet another piece on Anna Hazare...

By the way, I got it simply by using Google. Manu Joseph became a journalist because he didn’t have to crack any objective-type entrance exam to be one. His first novel, Serious Men, is the winner of The Hindu Best Fiction Award. It is one of Huffington Post’s 10 Best Books of 2010, and was shortlisted for the Man Asian Literary Prize 2010. He is the editor of Open.


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