Five arrested for attacking dalit in Villoor

MADURAI: Five persons were arrested for allegedly attacking a dalit in Villoor village in Peraiyur on Sunday, police said. G Thangapandian was riding on his two-wheeler in front of the Kaliamman temple, a prohibited area for the dalits, when a group of non-dalits stopped his bike and assaulted him. His bike was also taken away. Based on a complaint filed by Thangapandian, the police arrested R Satheeshkumar (24), S Pratap Singh (24), G Balamurugan (24), R Karamadaiyan (50) and S Samayan (42), and booked them under the SC/ST (prevention of atrocities) act.The issue was also brought to the notice of the superintendent of police Asra Garg on Sunday saying that untouchability was prevalent in Villoor village where about 1500 non-dalit families and 300 dalits families live. The SP, who made a surprise visit to the village, warned the non-dalits of stern action if they attacked dalits. The dalits told the SP that many restrictions were imposed on them. They were not allowed to walk with slippers in the non-dalit area of the village and also not allowed to sit on their vehicles while crossing the village temple. The SP assured them that he would take action against those who attack the dalits. EOM


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