Mulnivasi Mela - 2011


On occasion of jayanti celebrations of Rastrapita Phule and Rastranirmata Dr. Ambedkar, BAMCEF is organizing MULNIWASI MELAS all over the country.

Babasaheb while giving message to his followers on his 50th birthday celebrations said Don’t cheer my name. Instead wage your life for the mission undertaken by me. This important message of Babasaheb has forgotten by our people. They feel ovated only in cheering name of Babasaheb but have forgotten his mission. Mission of Babasaheb was to regain our manhood, to free us from mental bondage which in other words means eradication of Brahmanism. Without eradicating Brahmanism our manhood cannot be restored. Object of movement of our forefathers was our mukti but the same is converted to Bhakti now thanks to brahminical conspiracy of countering the mission of our forefathers. Everywhere in jayanti programs it has become common sight now to see our public dressed in white dousing themselves in liquor, dancing on streets indecently in an inebriated state, dancing deliriously in a loud noise, enjoying obscene lavanis and quawwalis of double meaning. It is seen that people have even started playing cards(juwa) on jayantis. This is exactly what Brahmins want us to do. This is not our culture. This is their culture that our people have adopted due to ignorance.

We Mulniwasi people had glorious past and distinct culture that brahmins made us forget in the course of counter revolution led by Brahmins against us. Our Mulniwasi people have culturally associated themselves with Brahmins. This is the problem. This is the reason why the movement of our liberation is not getting success despite many in our society relentlessly trying for it. Brahminism cannot be uprooted unless our people are not detached from brahminic culture and ideology. Means Cultural, and ideological Revolution is required and for this revival of our glorious past culture is necessary. This is the one important reason of organizing Mulniwasi melas.

Another reason is to bring awareness in our society for proper utilization of resources. Every year crores of rupees are being collected in society for jayantis but the same is spent on wasteful activities. Lot of resources are required for the mission of our forefathers to drive it to its logical end and if resources created on jayantis are diverted to mission, it can be achieved fast.

Therefore, appeal is made to all enlightened people of Mulniwasi Bahujan Samaj, Artists, Creative personalities, performers who can understand this to participate in this melas in the locations nearest to them with body, mind ,ideas and matter and make it grand success.
                      JAIBHIM! JAI MULNIWASI!!

                                                                          With regards,

                                                                      Yours in mission

                                                                              SS Dhammi,

                                                       National President/BAMCEF.


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