Mayawati takes DV “caste identity” stick to beat Brahmins & capture UP. How to win Bahujan battle without media ?

Having failed to win over the Brahmins — who have never, ever changed their stand since centuries that Bahujans are their Enemy — Chief Minister Mayawati of UP has started resorting to “caste identity” to win the coming Assembly election, according to our sources. UP is the heart of the country’s stinking cow-belt where the alien Aryan Brahmins came as beggars and settled first with their cows. Both the Mahabharat and Ramayan were manufactured here to fool those willing to be fooled.

The Yadavas then were a powerful tribe comprising the single largest population. They became the blood enemies of the cow-killing, beef-eating Brahmins whom they fought by embracing Budhism.

Sex-filled story of Krishna: But the Brahmins managed to co-opt the rebellious Yadavas by promoting a noted Yadava rowdy to godhood calling him Krishna. And then building a sex-filled story round him called the Mahabharat.
Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, the Father of India, deals with this aspect of the Brahminic perfidy in his book, Riddles in Hinduism (Vol.4 of his Writings & Speeches, 1987).

Today, the very same blood enemy (Yadavas) of Brahmins is no longer interested in joining hands with other victims of Brahminism like SC/ST/OBC/Muslims.

That is how the Yadvas lost the rulership in UP.
Brahmins back Rahul Gandhi: Mayawati thought by joining hands with Brahmins and courting the Bhoodevatas she could please them. No. That did not work.
History has no evidence of Brahmins going against their interests.
Brahmins even defeated their own Brahmana Jati Party (BJP) and defected to the Congress, the original Brahmin party. Today, the Brahmins are experimenting with an untested Rahul Gandhi who is promising to be useful to perpetuate the Brahminocracy.
Brahmins having deserted to Congress, Mayawati is planning to court the powerful Thakurs to compensate the shortfall of Dalit votes.
The powerful Chamars, her principal vote bank, is intact. But there is some problem with the non-Chamar (or Jatav) votes.

Brahmins manufactured so many bogus non-Chamar “leaders” to divide the Dalit votes. Quite a lot of non-Chamars went over to the Congress.
Greatness of Chamars: Mayawati, like Kanshi Ram, the founder of her party (BSP), was a Chamar, a proud and a powerful race, in many ways excelling the martial qualities of Mahars to which Dr. Ambedkar belonged. (Those interested in reading more about the Chamars may order a photocopy of the book on Chamars by G.W. Briggs.

Passis and Ravidas leaders went on dubbing her a Chamar leader and caused some cracks in Dalit vote bank.

Parties forget ideology: She could have tapped the non-Yadav OBCs who are in big number but the problem with the Mayawati regime is there are hardly any thinkers and scholars who can make use of the “caste identity” social engineering theory propounded by Dalit Voice.
Political parties, today under the influence of the Brahminic money-driven society, are interested only in power and money. Ideology is forgotten.Finally, as the elections are fast approaching she is trying to distance from Brahmins and rely on the more reliable Thakurs who once ruled UP. The population of Thakurs in UP is almost the same as Brahmins but being a martial race like the Chamars, they are a trustworthy lot. Since both the Congress and BJP being Brahmin parties, Thakurs were always kept out and they will be too willing to join Mayawati.

Thakurs hate Brahmins: She too is understood to have realised the importance of wooing Thakurs. Being a warrior class plus a landed gentry, always hated by the Brahmins, they have evinced interest in BSP if they are treated with respect.

According to reports Mayawati has finally said goodbye to Brahmins. But we don’t know how far these reports are true.

What about Muslims: However, she has launched Thakur bhai-chara (brotherhood) samitis. In her enthusiasm to exploit the “caste identity”, she has constituted bhai-chara committees to woo every caste — knowing full well that India is a country of hundreds of castes, subcastes, and communities — but ruled by the Brahmins.

However, there are no reports about Mayawati courting the equally powerful Muslims who have been let down by all other parties. The concept of “Bahujan” includes Muslim who form 15 to 20% of the population. In UP, it may be more. Being the worst sufferers after “independence”, Muslims will be too willing to join with Dalits but such a unity drive, facing Brahminical storm of opposition, needs good lot of ground work.

Breaking Brahmin padlock: By this time she could have spread the BSP net to the entire cow-belt. Poverty-stricken and groaning under the pain of the Brahminic road-roller, the entire cow-belt would have simply flocked to her had she implemented DV’s caste identity magic formula which we propounded in our book, Caste — A Nation Within the Nation (Books for Change, 2002, Rs. 140, available in Hindi also. Write to DV office).

Lately, she is getting impressed in our thesis which is the key to break the Brahmin padlock.

Brahmin poster-boy: She got elected 11 Thakurs to the Legislative Council and inducted some into her ministry. She has taken some Thakurs into her top bureaucracy.
The Kanpur lawyer, Satish Mishra, her Brahmin face, failed to get the Brahmin votes. He is being slowly marginalised having realised that Brahmins can never be won over.

Most Backward Caste support: Leaning on one single Mishra to fetch Brahmin votes was a big mistake. Any way, she realised her mistake. Better late than never.

She sent quite a lot of Most Backward Caste leaders into the Rajya Sabha. They include Baghels, Pals, Kashyaps, Sainis etc. Having no population strength these extreme OBC castes will be grateful to BSP.
33 crore Brahmin gods: To achieve such a massive social engineering in the heart of the stinking cow-belt, the home of Brahmins’ 33-crore gods, is not an ordinary task.

UP is India. Once UP is rid of Brahminism, the rest of the country will take to armed struggle to implement Babasaheb Ambedkar’s dreams. Brahmins know it more than all of us.

Need for own media: But this dream of Babasaheb and Kanshi Ram cannot be propagated and injected into the frozen veins of the Bahujans unless we have a powerful media of our own.

Dalit Voice during its 31 years did this job, winning praises from the SC/ST/BCs and Muslim/Sikhs/Christians — the entire Bahujan Samaj (85%). This is the mission of Babasaheb and DV will be too willing to do it in UP.

The Editor of DV was very close to Kanshi Ram who had introduced us to Mayawati. We are ready to take up the “media centre” plan which Kanshi Ram began but died without seeing it through.

DV always supported Mayawati: DV has always supported Mayawati and her BSP. She also knows it. We are not interested in her political mission. But we are interested in the socio-cultural engineering through our own powerful media which alone can lead to cultural revolution — leading to political revolution. And death of Brahminism.


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