DV theory on “Jews of India” gets world-wide support


We have received very many valuable, informative and also most authentic documents — all fully confirming our thesis that the Brahminical “Jews of India” (2%) are cousins of the Western Jews. The Jewish holy book Torah and the Brahminic “holy” book, Veda, have many, many things in common. Both are hate-mongers, racists.

Though we have been writing and talking about our theory that the Jews and the “Jews of India” are birds of the same feather, no Aryan Brahmin in India or outside had challenged except the Jewish-owned Wikipedia which works in close collaboration with “Jews of India” residing in US and Europe. Dalit Voice reproduced the whole text of the Wikipedia attack on us in our Nov.1, 2010 issue and then reprinted it for world-wide sale: “Enemy makes DV world famous”.

India’s mere 2% Brahminists, however, made use of our theory and got close to the zionist Israel, the world’s most hated racist country which is pushing the Western Christian world towards a World War-III against Muslims and Chinese. We had predicted that in this World War-III both the hate-mongering scum would be wiped out.

Abhinav Bharat, headed by a Chitpavan Brahmin serving Army Intelligence officer, Lt. Col. Srikant Purohit, now comfortably kept in the Nasik Jail along with his fellow conspirators, has announced its plan to impose Brahminical dictatorship on India and clamp Manuwadi rule (DV Edit Feb.1, 2011: “Abhinav Bharat wants to clamp Brahminic dictatorship by imposing Manu’s constitution”).

He had visited Israel twice and met the world’s most dangerous killer organisation, Mossad, which engineered the 2001 World Trade Centre attack in New York forcing the US to launch a “war on Islamic terrorism, headed by Osama bin Laden.

This war is continuing even to this day in Afghanistan but to the utter defeat of America.


Zionist Israel offered the “Jews of India” funds, arms, intelligence back up, and also assisted in the famous “terrorist attack” on Bombay’s Taj Mahal Hotel to kill the upright police officer Karkare who arrested the entire Abhinav Bharat Brahminical conspirators. The latest to be arrested, Bengali Swami Aseemananda has confessed before the court all the crimes of the Abhinav Bharat which was responsible for a series of bombings on Muslims and their masjids.

Though India’s Brahminical Govt. was quick to arrest hundreds of Muslim youths charging them with terrorist attacks and mercilessly treating them, those “Jews of India” arrested for attack on Muslims are looked after very well —proving our charge that India’s very govt. is controlled by the Jews and the “Jews of India”.


This in brief is the mounting proof of the Jews and “Jews of India” coming together in a big way and also upholding our thesis.

In our two books, Brahminism (DSA-2002, pp.160 Rs. 50) and Weapons to Fight Counter-Revolution (2004, pp.102 Rs. 75) and many other subsequent publications we have been gradually building up the theory that the zionist Jews, the most hated racists in the West, and the “Jews of India” are the same.

Our theory alerted so many White Western Christians, experts in the West, specially in the US, which is held in the neck by its 2% Jews, and made them probe our theory. A number of scholars have found that this long kept top secret is absolutely correct. The different websites (excerpts of which are cited below) have fully supported us.


While some Brahminists have not only criticised but also threatened us, some criminal-minded among them instead of refuting our argument with scholarly rebuttals, have threatened to blackmail us, some made below the belt attack and some even threatened to to kill us.

We want to assure our hate-mongering heroes that Dalit Voice has already crossed its record 30 years of publication riding on its high moral ground without a single charge against us. Not one prediction of our has gone wrong so far.


But on the other side it is the Brahminists, the “Jews of India”, who deceived their own Jewish blood brothers of which a famous French Jewish historian, Leon Poliakov, has written a scholarly book, The Aryan Myth (1977 pp.400, New American Libraru, New York, Photocopy available with DV Rs. 350). It is in this book that we for the first time (over 34 years ago) learnt the Brahminical origin of zionist thoughts.


We congratulated Leon Poliakov for diagnosing the Brahminical disease even while we criticised him for failing to cure the disease. Poliakov, himself a famous Jewish historian, said that the German Jews were taken for ride by the Indian Brahminists who sold the “Aryan myth” theory to German Christians, and Hitler, and braiwnashed them to attack the Jews.

The Brahminical “Aryan Myth” theory not only deceived the German Christians and Jews but brought about two devastating World Wars.


We met some Christian and Jewish scholars in London during our recent visits and got full confirmation from them about the fears of Leon Poliakov. Brahminists were then waging a war against the benevolent British Christian rulers of India. M.K. Gandhi, a Gujarati Bania was an equally dangerous Brahminist swearing by the very same racist theories. It is this enthusiasm that made him to criticise the Jews for forcibly occupying the Arab land that legitimately belonged to Palestinians. The zionist Nobel Foundation became furious with Gandhi for criticising Israel and denied the Nobel Peace Prize to the “Apostle of Peace” who pushed India to perpetual violence. This is the secret of Gandhi being denied the Nobel Peace Prize, which is always reserved exclusively for those producing philosophy of hatred and violence.


The most powerful and unimpeachable evidence is being provided by the Indian state itself which discarded Soviet-China bloc and jumped into the arms of the world’s most hated country, USA, which is controlled by its 2% Jews. All the top American financial institutions have taken the crooked “Jews of India” as their executives. One fellow (Pandit) is heading USA largest banking institution.


Amartya Sen, the Nobel (Economics) Laureate, married from the family of the “King of Jews” the Rothschilds, which controls Britain and practically the entire world Jewry, brought “Khatri Sick” Manmohan Singh from the World Bank to India as Finance Minister to give shape to pro-zionist policies of the super Chanakya, then Prime Minister, P.V. Narasimha Rao, a Telugu Brahmin, who pushed India into the arms of the zionists.

Ever since then the Jews and the “Jews of India” have been singing and dancing together and turning India against Muslims and also the rising super power China. If such a pro-Jewish tilt is moving at a supersonic speed with the Tibetan runaway renegade, Dalai Lama, whipping up anti-China hatred, on the other side the newly established alliance of hate-mongers is seriously concentrating on impoverishing and systematically killing the original inhabitants of India (65% plus Muslims 15%).


On one side over 75% of indigenous Indians are kept poor, illiterate, unthinking and daily brainwashed to become “better Hindu” (meaning slaves). On the other, those opposed to the “Jews of India” like the Muslim, Christians and Sikhs are kicked, killed, burnt, raped and their little property destroyed — daily.

The “Khatri Sick” PM is doing this job smoothly and Amartya Sen periodically visits India to supervise his subjugating road-roller drive.

The ruling Brahminists have already discarded, if not humiliated, the revolutionary saints like Dr. Ambedkar, Periyar E.V. Ramaswamy, Mahatma Phule etc. often hoisting the flag of Gandhi, the bogus Gujarati Bania who was killed by a Brahmin only.

Politically India is bankrupt, economically impoverished, socially and morally crippled and finally surrounded by deadly enemies all round — the desertification of India is almost complete. DV family members by now are familiar with our Jews and “Jews of India” theory that killed this country. As thinking itself has stopped in India, the 1,300 million strong — the second largest in the world — country is getting ready for a foreign invasion of which we have hinted in our Editorial of Jan.16, 2011: “Foreign power may take over India”.


The crazy “Jews of India” enjoying their intoxicating power, wealth and arrogant insolence have become blind, deaf and also dumb-driven. That means they will be digging their own grave into which they only will fall and bury themselves alive even before their brother Jews are finished in the fast approaching Third World War — a war that will end all future wars — which we welcome and wait with bated breat


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