A Speech of Late D. K. Khaparde Saheb on Mulnivasi Identity

Forcefully be with the right and oppose the wrong

Before dealing on the subject, I wish to inform you that BAMCEF is working on its own strategy and concepts. The activists of BAMCEF propagating ideology of bahujanvad and today same activists are also working with Brahmanical people on the name of social work.

Ambedkarite for name sake

Once accidentally I met Mr. Sangh Priya Gautam and confronted. Mr. Ram Awadhesh Singh, an OBC leader was invited to celebrate the Rashtrapita Phuley’s death anniversary at Delhi. He came one hour earlier to attend the programme, met me and said that there is ample time therefore I will be available at nearby flat; you please note telephone number and call me at the time of programme. When we were to start the programme I thought that Mr. Ram Awadhesh Singh, who is at nearby flat therefore let us go to call him. I and my colleague, we both went to nearby flat and I came to know that this flat is belonging to Mr. Sangh Priya Gautam. Mr. Ram Awadhesh Singh was discussing some thing with Mr.Sangh Priya Gautam. Mr. Sangh Priya Gautam knew to my colleague but I was unknown to him. He complained to my colleague that “you have invited Mr. Ram Awadhesh Singh, who is residing at Lodhi Road, one kilometer away from the programme venue and why you have not invited me though I am residing just in front of programme venue? This is not a fair way!” My colleague politely said, Gautam Sahab we have not invited you because you are working in BJP and how we can dare to invite you? Commenting on this Gautamji said, “Do you know why I am in BJP?” “I have joined BJP with an intension to convert them as Ambedkarite” I was silent till now but when he said like this I commented as “Brother! I have heard that Dr. Ambedkar was a great”. Mr Sangh Priya Gautamji may have felt that a person who talks like this may be ignorant and he should be bombarded therefore he said “does this truth require propaganda? You should have to know that, in fact Dr Ambedkar was so great in reality. On this I simply said that “I knew that Babasaheb Dr Ambedkar was a great personality but now I came to know he was not great. The followers of Ambedkar are greater than Ambedkar because the objectives, which Dr Ambedkar could not achieve during his lifetime that are going to be achieved by his followers. Therefore I feel that the followers of Dr. Ambedkar are greater than Dr. Ambedkar.

So Dishonest

When any type of ideology established due to great efforts of personality in the society then that personality becomes ideal to the society and you should have to understand that their will be so many people to follow that personality. If you will not follow the ideal of that personality then you will be looser therefore everybody is going to gain with the name of that personality. So many people use the name of that personality, but all are neither honest nor all right therefore intellectual of the society must bear a criteria to identify such people. All are using the name of personality but who is honest and dishonest? Nowadays Mr. Narsinhma Rao is favouring SC/ST/ OBC & Minorities. While announcing a special scheme for poor people he talked in favour of SC/ST/ OBC & Minorities. Now you will say that Mr. Narsinhma Rao is in favour of Bahujanvad. The people from SC/ST/ OBC & Minorities should have to identify that whether Mr. Narsinhma Rao is honest or dishonest? Mr. Advani is honest or dishonest? We do not have their real identity therefore our people fail to know who is honest and who is dishonest? And subsequently our people works for Brahmanvad moreover they are workers of Brahmanvad. Our people do not have information in respect of honest and dishonest workers or activists.

What BAMCEF wants to do?

BAMCEF not only propagating the ideology but also it provides a new concept to the society. BAMCEF is convincing the people to identify honest and dishonest workers or activists from society. If we would identify honest and dishonest workers then we would have got relief from this problem. You all know that BAMCEF was formed in 1973 at Pune (Maharashtra) and started campaign of 85% versus 15% concept. I wish to brief the situation at that time – a) Republican Party of India, which was founded by Babasaheb Dr Ambedkar was finished in 1971. b) Republican Party of India was divided nearly in 10 groups. c) The leaders of RPI use to fight among themselves just like dogs. And d) The Ambedakarite class was disintegrated after the 1971 election.
It was amazing that all the leaders of RPI group came together not only to oppose the 85% versus 15%, a concept of BAMCEF but also published a brochure. We welcomed because at least they came together on a ground to oppose BAMCEF. In their brochure they stated as “Mahar caste people who follow Babasaheb Dr Ambedkar could not united them in Maharashtra, they are divided in 10-15 groups. In such situation it is not possible to unite all castes from SC/ST/OBC and from them converted minorities such as Sikh, Christian, Muslim and Buddhist. This is not possible. This task is not achievable. BAMCEF workers are just befooling the people.” Now the circumstances changed. Those who used to oppose the concept of BAMCEF are now vehemently proposing. They do not oppose nor publish brochure. They have a firm belief on 85% versus 15% concept and are of a view that political work should have base of this concepts.

Result of internal conflicts

This is a result of continuous work of BAMCEF. We are going ahead with the concepts and ideology to propagate which had its results in the society and created consciousness for concept of 85% versus 15%. Now everybody speak on the concept of 85% versus 15% but their action and behavior is contrary to the concept. RPI is fragmented in so many groups and all groups speak regarding concept of 85% versus 15% but they never try to wipe out groups. This has a consequence – an event which should not deserve to happen in the political history of Maharashtra had happened. Maharashtra State is a mother of Non-Brahmin Movement and till yesterday Brahmin cannot think to become minister of the state but today Brahmin is Chief Minister. This has happened due to differences in behavior, speech and action of our political leaders.

Activism of Brahminvad

It need not requires to brief recent political situation in Uttar Pradesh and you are quite aware of that. You know the political developments of Maharashtra. There is confirmed political development in Gujarat where our people are working for BJP and Hinduism. But in states where the people are not supporting BJP and Hinduism in that state Brahmanvad is rising up. A situation is giving an impression that Brahmanvadi has conquered. This has created chaos in our society because it is contrary to ideology of bahujanvad (majoritism) which we propagating since last 20 years. Whether we have to rethink or review our ideology? The outcome of the events badly affected the ideology or concept, which is concerned to Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj (majority people).In our country the press media is in the hand of Brahmin and Baniya. Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party formed the government in Uttar Pradesh because of political polarization of Scheduled Caste and Other Backward Classes. It was not a social polarization. From this event press media actively and continuously propagating that SC and OBC are not real and natural friend but they are basically foe. This is propaganda of conspiracy nature from Brahmin-Baniya press media. Why Congress Party ruled in UP for long time? Baba Saheb Dr. Ambedkar once said that Congress is a Brahmanical Party and this Brahmin Party leads by Brahmins. Congress ruled in UP for long time because SC, ST and Muslim use to support Brahmin. There was a combination of Brahmin, SC, ST and OBC and with this combination Congress use to get political power. On this press media never commented in past that “Brahmin, SC, ST and OBC are friend or foe” and never raised such issue but when SP and BSP came to power they started to say through their press and print media that “SC, ST, OBC and Muslim are not natural and real friend but are foe.” In fact SC, ST, OBC and from them converted minorities are blood related brothers and sisters but now to create confusion among them Brahmin-Baniya print and press media raising a question that, “Whether SC, ST, OBC and from them converted minorities are real and natural friend?” Such type of propaganda, claim and misinformation is nothing but a conspiracy to dupe Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj. This is an attempt to sabotages the concept or ideology of Bahujan i. e. Majority People of India (Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj).

Hinduism i. e. Brahminism

There are two bases for polarisation i. e. religious and social. Today in our country the process of religious polarization is based on Hindutva. What is this Hindutva or Hinduism? Is it a concept of Hinduism? Hinduism means Brahminism and Brahminism is nothing but Hinduism. This is an imaginary concept and on this concept polarization of society is heading in some extent in Gujrath. Present Gujrath government is a evidence of religious polarization. Today Brahminism exists but not Hinduism. Baba Saheb Dr. Ambedkar raised a question “Who is a Hindu?” in the first chapter of his book “Riddles in Hinduism” and while explaining he said- if you ask to Musalman brother why he is Muslim? Then he will say that he is recognizing Allah, Koran and Majsid, therefore he is Muslim. If you will ask to Christian why he is Christian then he will say that he is recognizing Jesus Christ, Bible and Church therefore he is Christian. In the same vain if you will ask to Sikh why he is Sikh then he will say that he is recognizing Guru, Guru Granth Sahib and Gurudwara therefore he is Sikh. Now if you will ask the same question to Hindu his answer will be different- one Hindu will say that he worships Vishnu as God other will say he worships Shanker or Rama or Krishna as God, sometimes he will say he do not worship God but Goddess like KaliMata or Durgadevi etc. Those who call themselves as Hindu do not believe on one uniform God or Goddess. They also do not believes on one and uniform religious book but one believes on Ramayana and others believe on Mahabharata or Geeta or Veda etc. Their religious places (Temple) are also different like Rama Temple, Krishna Temple, Hanuman Temple or Kalimata Temple etc. There are different types of answers to establish as Hindu. Therefore what is common factor to call them as Hindu? Baba Saheb Dr. Ambedkar said one common factor exits i. e. caste and without castes there are nobody Hindu. When one Hindu meets to other Hindu no brotherhood develops unless and until they know each others castes. Therefore among Hindu one common factor is a caste and without caste nobody can become a Hindu.

Babasaheb Dr Ambedkar raised the question that if without caste there is nobody Hindu then who had created castes? Castes were created by those who had benefited by caste system. Caste were not created by SC,ST or OBC but created by Brahmins as they are benefited due to caste in addition to these on the basis of caste they are also ruling the country. Therefore Hinduism is not an ism but Hinduism means Brahminism when there is a religious polarization on the imaginary and not existing things then why there is no polarization on the basis of real and existing things? The better way is a social polarization which punctures Brahminisms religious Polarization. Therefore we must concentrate on social polarization.

Our Muslim brothers are under the impression that Hindutva is a factor for the religious polarization among Hindu. Therefore to counter it Muslim also adapts a way which should be based on Islam. I wish to make you understand that Muslim are also religiously polarized on the basis of Islam and this issue becomes the hotcake to Hindu for artificial religious polarization of Hindutva in the society. In this process Muslim society gained adverse effect though we are following democracy. In democratic setup the society which is in majority should have to rule the country and deserve the progress and happiness. If we attempted to unite all Muslims on the basis of Islam even though we cant achieve majority. We cant achieve majority or become Bahujan means we cannot fight enemies and cant be progressed. Therefore religious polarization is not a solution to our problem.

Social Polarization

Social polarization is the only solution to our problems. We must have to come together on the basis of equality. If we need social polarization then we must follow such ideology or concept so that we can come under one umbrella.
We have put forth a concept of Bahujanvad (majoritism) of Mulnivasi for social polarization. Bahujanvad is not a new concept or ideology; it arises in the Buddha’s period. So it is an old and realistic concept. While guiding Monks, Buddha said “Oh Monk! Go continuously in the society, go on, go on and do work for the benefit of Bahujan and welfare of Bahujan.” We know the history of ancient India and Modern India. In ancient history of India we have learnt a Bahujanvad concept from Buddha. In the history of modern India Bahujanvad was restored in Maharashtra due to movement of Rashtrapita Phule, who said that Shudras – Ati-shudras are original inhabitants (Mulnivasis) of India and Brahmins are foreigner who came from Iran. Rashtrapita Phule identified Arya-Brahmins as an enemy of Mulnivasi of India. These foreigner Brahmins enslaved Mulnivasi who were originally residing in India i. e. Kshetreeya and not Kshatriya (people who are residing in the region), Shudra and Ati-Shudra. Rashtrapita Phule was quite aware to identify enemy from society for running a movement. He identified friends as Kshetreeya (not Kshatriya), Shudra and Ati-Shudra who were in majority i. e. Bahujan. This majority or Bahujan concept was a successful concept to run the movement.
Rashtriya Swayam Sangh (RSS) is now continuously campaigning only one program which is “Hate Muslims”. It has been said that RSS was formed in 1925 on the basis of Muslim hate or to oppose Muslim in Maharashtra. In this connection I wish to provide information that Muslim society was not a problem in Maharashtra. At the time of formation of RSS all Muslim were Indian and there was not a demand of separate Pakistan. All Muslim were working for Congress as a National Muslim and founder of RSS was a Chief of Vidarbha Congress region in Maharashtra. Then why RSS was formed in Maharashtra? RSS formed not to oppose or to hate Muslim but formation of RSS was a reaction to Non-Brahmin movement, which was run by Phule and Ambedkar in Maharashtra. Today it is a just show of RSS to target Muslim. RSS is creating environment against Muslim because unless and until you can’t create environment against Muslim you will not succeed for imaginary religious polarization based on Hindutva or Hinduism. Unless and until there is no religious polarization brahminism will not be succeed in democracy. Therefore RSS is planting Muslim as a pseudo enemy but you please keep in mind that in real fact enemy of RSS is Bahujanvad, its ideology or concept and Bahujan Samaj who is organized or organizing on the concept of Bahujanvad.

Aryan theory

From the side of Brahmin second reaction is that – Aryan are also original inhabitant of this land. From the beginning Brahmin use to call himself as Aryan and use to say also that Aryan came from the foreign land. Now the same Brahmin canvassing that Aryan is also Mulnivasi of this land. Why the Brahmins are sayings like this? Why they have recognized Aryan as a foreigner in the past? Gail Omdwelt in her research finding said that “European Ideologists has put forward Aryan theory. Historian from Europe and Anthropologist has postulated Aryan theory of Race after through study at the time of British era. This Aryan theory proved that Aryan came from foreign and they are not original inhabitant of India. Aryan was successful to grab this land and established Vedic culture, Varnavad and Casteism. Under the influence of Vedic culture, Varnavad and Casteism the original inhabitant (Mulnivasi) were enslaved and divided in thousand castes of Shudra and Ati-Shudra. If this Aryan theory, Aryan civilization is a gift from Europe then why Brahmin have recognized the Aryan theory in the past? In India this Aryan theory was a basis to run movements. Rashtrapita Phule’s movement was based on the same theory. Rashtrpita Phule said “Aryan Brahmins are from Iran and they have enslaved native people i. e. Shudra-Atishudra, therefore Shudra-Atishudra must come together and unite to fight against slavery of Arya-Brahmin. Shudra-Atishudra must have to struggle against Arya-Brahmin.
Mr. Tilak, who was prominent leader of Brahmin and Congress Party has written a book entiled “Artic home in Vedas.” In this book he explained how the birth of Veda took place. He said “Vedas were constructed at the North Pole” and North Pole means to-days North Atlantica, a region above the Canada. As per Mr. Tilak – Aryan was residing in North Pole and from that region they came to India. He also stated that Aryan are foreigner. Britishers were ruling India till that date Ruling Caste and Brahmins from India use to recognized that Aryan were foreigner. Now the same Brahmin-Kshatriya is denying that Aryan Brahmin is foreigner.

Why to-days Brahmin has changed this strategy? In past why they recognized Aryan as foreigner? Because in the past Britisher were ruling, who bears white skin and Aryan also bears white skin. Because of their white skin they maintain their equal level, friendship on equality with Britisher and gained the benefit by remaining in administration and government. And for this reason they kept their identity as foreigner as Britisher was foreigner. A big chunk of benefit has been snatched by Brahmin from Britisher and when Britisher left this country they handover government and administration to the Brahmin. Now the present age is of democratic type and in democracy those who in majority they succeed. When Brahmin recognizes themselves as alien or Aryan or foreigner identity and as foreigner form identity they must be a minority, then how can they be in majority? Therefore to-days Brahmin wants to wipe out their foreigner identity and now-a-day they are propagating that Aryan are mulnivasi.
Whatever the movements run in the beginning of 20th century all were based on the Aryan theory. Being a Aryan foreigner, migrated from foreign land they should not have to rule on us. They made us slave therefore we must have to struggle against Aryan foreigner. Because of such type information there was tremendous awakening among mulnivasi, which was sufficient to send fear among Brahmin. Subsequently Aryan Brahmin tried to mix in the Mulnivasi by which they are concealing their minority and minor voter identity. This is a conspiracy of Aryan Brahmin. Brahmin never says that Aryan was not any concept but say that they are Aryan. They recognized themselves as Aryans.

Aryans are alien (foreigner)

We are stating that SC,ST, OBC and converted minorities from them are the Mulnivasi (original inhabitant) of this country. Whether two type of people are residing in this country? One is Aryan and other is Anarya? Aryan are alien (foreigner) and Mulnivasi are those to whom Brahmin are denoting as Anarya? Brahmin strategy is that they donot want to forget their Aryan identity because by loosing Aryan identity they will loose their separate identity. And if they will loose their separate identity then they should have to come with us on equal footing. By the Aryan identity they are maintaining their separate identity in the society and by separate identity they maintain high position of Varna in Varna Vyavastha (Varna System). Therefore Brahmin declares themselves as Aryan and claim that he is Mulnivasi for only to develop friendship with us. In this way they maintain their separate identity and highest position in the Varna system by which they become majority in democratic set up and ruling on us. Therefore you have to understand that whatever the changes are found in their strategy are due to the presently changed social situation.
I have said at the beginning that majoritism of Mulnivasi is not a concept or ideology but it is a strategically thinking, which we put in the society keeping in view consequences of the present situation. From which country Aryan came to India is not important to us but Brahmin are alien or foreigner is an important. We have to say to Brahmin – why are you frightened? We know that you have came to India before thousand years ago and you do not have you own country.

What is the solution for this? And why this happens? One thing I want to ask you that a person who was honest and sincere till yesterday and today he is seen to be guilty of theft. Now in this situation can we excuse him on the ground that till yesterday he was honest? The activists of BAMCEF are amongst you and at every step we suggest to you to examine the person. If he is good in all respect and particularly in thought and action then forcefully be with him but if he becomes dishonest in all respect then forcefully oppose him. In our society we have experienced one thing that our society at certain level remain with us and when disintegration starts in the movement due to corrupt people at that time our society has not learnt to punish them. Our society has not learnt till today to punish erratic and corrupt leaders and activists. If we learnt this technique then I hope that such corrupt activists and leader will not come up. Babasaheb Dr. Ambedkar put forth the concept of Republican Party of India and accordingly two heavy weight leaders arise from North India – they are Mr. B. P. Mourya and Mr. Sangh Priya Gautam. Their work was to propagate the working philosophy of Republican Party of India in the society and to run it as per Babasabeb Dr. Ambedkar’s concept. Where are these two Leaders? One is in Congress Party and other is in Bhartiya Janata Party as a President of SC/ST cell.


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