Drama activated at victim's house, Is it justified?

Banda, January, 17 : The drama seems to have been started after two days of the bail that was permitted to the BSP MLA who is allegedly involved in raping a minor Dalit girl.
None of the parties have been left behind in their protection and have started to pour in the victim's house's corridor and surrounding areas, big vans are standing by the side supplying food and other living materials.

Yes, the political men from the Congress and Samajwadi Party have posted their camps just outside the victim's house in order to provide her with security but in stead they have made a mess of the minor victim's life as they are crying for the freedom, they want to get out of their village.

Seeing the scenario may take you down the memory lane and make you remember the Movie Peepli Live that came in 2010 in which the politicians, in the very same way, tried to pour their love and affection solely and a kind of competition has started between the political leaders.

Sent to jail on fictitious theft charges and finally released after 30 days of constant media demands, the minor finds herself in the middle of, no way, ending political spectacle.

"I refuse to go to jail. I refuse to leave. I don't want to go anywhere, whatever be the case," she said.
Adding insult to injury the Samajwadi party has stationed two MLAs outside the girl's house to ensure she doesn't change her statement against the BSP MLA.

The government though, has deputed 160 cops to keep an eye on them - and the BJP is making a guest appearance with Smriti Iranis visit to the girl.


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