Police patil, family thrashes Dalit man

BHANDARA: A Dalit man was severely beaten by a 'higher caste' police patil of Kokanagad village. Ramesh Karade, 35, lodged a police complaint about the incident that took place on December 10 but still no action has been taken.

Karade, a resident of Kokanagad which 11km from Bhandara, is a farm labourer. He had an old dispute regarding irrigation rights with Ghanashyam Nimbarte, the village police patil, and his family. Karade goes to Bhandara daily and returns home in the evening. On December 10, he came back to his village and was at the village square to meet his friends when Nimbarte, along with his brothers Mukund and Nana, arrived at the scene. Apparently without provocation, they started thrashing Karade with sticks and fists. Karade, unable to repel them, kept asking why they were beating him up. But the trio continued the brutal thrashing.

They also uttered caste-specific abuses and issued threats to him. Nimbarte's wife also joined the trio. The accused then left the spot.

Karade immediately approached the police outpost in Dhargaon and lodged a complaint. The police constable took him to government general hospital in Bhandara for treatment and the medical report is awaited. Police officials at the outpost said that an offence would be registered once the medical report confirms the assault. Meanwhile, Nimbarte also lodged a complaint in Dhargaon outpost.

Karade said that the police patil and his brothers are behaving like bullies. "They proudly say that they are above the law and no one can take action against them. The police patil and his family should be booked under provisions of Prevention of Atrocities Act. If action is not taken, there is a threat to my life," he said.


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