Appeal of moolnivasi sangh Spain to ours all moolnivasi samaj on the occasion of Baba Sahib maha pre-nirman divas

We Moolnivasi sangh  Spain strongly appeal to ours Moolnivasi samaj that

  1.  Rise up to theirs  duties toward  unfortunate brothers and sisters  left back in India.
  2. Analyse  Ambedkars ideology and teachings that are even relevant today.
  3. Diamond cuts diamond , knowledge cuts knowledge and ideology cuts ideology (we do not have to take up weapons).
  4. Let us not waste ours valuables resources on unproductive projects .
  5. We  strongly appeal you to come forward  and make a effective contribution in the struggle for ours liberation.
  6. Because, united we will win and divided we will fall
  7. Act now before is too late.
  8. ours struggle is for ours liberation from all  sorts bonds of barahamnical social order, ours fight is for self-respect and human dignity and not for wealth or political games.

                                                                       Yours in mission

                                                                      Moolnivasi sangh Spain


  1. sumit said...
  2. this apeal is for all moolnivasi
    if we try to act upon then it will be first step toward liberty of ours samaj
    jakhu moolnivasi

  3. Anonymous said...
  4. A Step in right direction
    a step forward, stay united be togather.

  5. Ds Bagha said...
  6. A Step in right direction
    a step forward, stay united and be togather

  7. meraswabhiman said...
  8. श्री मान जी ,
    आपका ब्लॉग मुझे बेहद पसंद आया , अच्छा होता अगर इस विषय पर सामग्री हिंदी में उपलब्ध होता , अगर इस विषय पर हिंदी में आपका कोई ब्लॉग है तो कृपया मेरे इ मेल पर सूचित करें मेरा ई मैं न. shakeel.prem@gmail.com

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