The Organization for Minorities of India, Shri Guru Ravidass Society/Ambedkarities/Sikh Community and others at the Gandhi statue in San Fransico (California) protest, on Ocotober 2, 2010.The protesters demanded that M K Gandhi's statue in San Francisco should be replaced with Dr. B R. Ambedkar's who is the Father of Modern India.

San Francisco: On 141st anniversary of Mohandas Gandhi’s birthday, the Organization of Minorities of India (California) staged a unique protest in San Francisco on October 2, 2010. Protesters gathered at Ferry Building at 11 AM where a statue of M.K. Gandhi stands since 1988. Demonstrators held banners and distributed flyers to send the message that Gandhi’s non-violence was merely a facade to practice covert violence, racist ideology, and immoral and deviant sexual behavior. They demanded that his statue should be removed, and replaced with either that of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. or Dr. B. R. Ambedkar who stood for human rights and freedom of Untouchables from shackles of Hindu caste system.

An excerpt from the inscription at the foot of the statue reads that Gandhi’s life is his message. Protesters said that Americans only know “egalitarian pacifist myth” of his life.” To know the message, people should know his real life.

One of the organizers, Bhajan Singh said, “We want to highlight how one political party of India is complicit in fabricating Gandhi’s history and trying to fool the whole world. Gandhi’s non-violence is entirely a myth that demands a serious academic and historical scrutiny. Such a deconstruction of Gandhi’s imaginary life is significant to probe its correlation with “terrorism” and “Genocide.” Violence increased 50 times more where Gandhi’s involvement remained equivocal. Gandhi directly monitored situation in Middle East, Kashmir, Pakistan and Afghanistan that continue to be gripped in violence ever since then.” Gandhi, an upper caste Hindu considered himself superior to Africans who he said were ‘Kaffirs’ living like animals, and sought a preferential treatment in South Africa.

Mohan Ram Paul, another organizer revealed that Gandhi defended Hindus’ tyranny against Untouchables who were robbed of their dreams of independence. He said that Gandhi collaborated with the British and upper caste billionaires to torture Untouchables physically and psychologically. Even the leader of the Untouchables, B.R. Ambedkar, and a PhD from Columbia University New York was not spared. Gandhi’s true life has been documented in Ambedkar’s writings spanning in 23 volumes. Mr. Paul said that Gandhi used covert violence to get non-Hindu freedom fighters eliminated.

Dr Amrik Singh who writes for www.examiner.com said that Gandhi’s life is all rhetoric that has no basis in reality. His much publicized ‘experiments with truth’, in fact, embody his shifty, slippery and quite often contradictory standpoints. His rejection for Nobel Peace Prize five times was based on his suspicious credentials.

Prem Kumar Chumber, Chief Editor of www.ambedkartimes.com said that Gandhi defrauded non-Hindu minorities and Untouchables. He observed 21 fasts in his life, all were against the interests of Untouchables and their leaders. He incited Hindu mobs against Dr. B. R. Ambedkar when Poona Pact was signed. Dr. Ambedkar recorded that Poona Pact was signed against his will by shelving the Communal Award.

 Mr.Vinod Kumar Chumber & Kewal Singh from Shri Guru Ravidass Sabha Bay Area, Mr. Mahi from Yuba City & many others also participated. In view of the above, demonstrators appealed to Americans to not allow the statue of an imposter Mahatma who failed to practice what he falsely tried to symbolize.


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