Bangalore: It has now become very clear. The ruling Aryans in Delhi are no more interested in the appalling 50% of the people living below the poverty line. They feel the poor are a burden and hence must be allowed to die.

Here is a report by a Bania woman published in the country’s principal Brahmin daily, the Hindu (Sept.25, 2010). She was reporting on the meeting of the National Advisory Council, yet another eye-wash organisation in Delhi created by the Aryans to fool us, presided by Sonia Gandhi and attended by the top brass of the govt. The report said:

Not even god can save them

New Delhi: In a major setback to the National Advisory Council (NAD) and the Right to Food Campaign, the Planning Commission and the government made it clear on Friday that it would be difficult to provide legal guarantees as far as food security for those living above the poverty line (APL) was concerned. Nor would it be possible to guarantee the slew of additional entitlements that the NAC has envisaged for the most disadvantaged.

In short, they said the right to food security for all citizens was impossible.

No other paper reported this because “BPL people” anyway cannot read. They are remembered only on election-eve for their votes which can be simply purchased. Not even the god can save them.

Supreme Court snubbed: When the “national” toilet papers reported that the country’s food godowns were overfull, bursting and the grains were being eaten by the rodents and birds, the Supreme Court (SC) ordered that the rotting grains at least could be distributed free to the starving millions.

But the devotees of Ram Lalla led by the “Khatri Sick” PM hit back at the SC and asked it to shut up.

Their job is to die: According to the Hindu report India’s BPL population stood at 50% which amounts to a shocking 650 million.

The Aryans have been rulers of India by the grace of their god Ram Lalla.

It is this BPL people who helped the rulers to demolish the Babri Masjid. Their job is over. Now their next job is to do and die and never question where and why.


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