Exposing Hindu racism to whole world is DV’s greatest achievement


Exposing Hindu racism to whole world is DV’s greatest achievement


The greatest achievement of the “Debate on Closing Down DV” is for the first time in 30 years we are able to get a frank and honest opinion on Dalit Voice.

I am very happy to note that barring one or two, the unanimous opinion is that Dalit Voice is the best Ambedkarite journal the country is able to get and that the credit is given to Editor V.T. Rajshekar for giving to the country such a journal. And also bringing it out continuously for 30 long years, without missing a single issue.
The greatness of DV lies in the fact that it covers the problems of the entire Bahujan population of SC/ST/BCs (65%) and Muslim/Christian/Sikhs (20%) — total 85% — plus women of the upper castes. All other journals whether English or language caters to sectional interests.
Liberty to criticise Editor: The greatness of the Editor is clearly visible when the readers are given every liberty even to criticise the Editor himself — a generosity never seen in Indian journalism.
One common complaint is the “Editor kept aloof from the masses” (Jitendra Jadhav, DV Oct.16, 20101 p.14). Some others also made this charge.
VTR never wanted to be a leader: Bringing out a 28-page revolutionary journal every 15 days, covering the chaotic problems of the 85% diverse persecuted nationalities, is not a joke. It is a super-human task. Even the “Father of India”, Dr. Ambedkar, could not bring out a national and international journal like DV. He experimented with only language (Marathi) journals which closed one after the other. Dr. Ambedkar had money but VTR had none of it. He was mostly “begging, borrowing, stealing” money to put it in his own words.
VTR has made himself clear that he was only a thinker, scholar, writer and not a leader never aspiring for leadership. That is why he rejected the offer of MLC by Chief Minister Devaraj Urs from Karnataka, then Rajya Sabha position by Kanshi Ram.
If anybody wants to make a success of a revolutionary journal, he has to devote 100% of his time, energy and money to such an intellectual adventure. And at the same time not aligning himself with any political party. That is how VTR is loved by all sections of Dalit-Bahujans.
One who aspires to be a jack of all trade can be master of none. He will fail.
Most successful Bahujan Editor: VTR became India’s “most successful Bahujan Editor looking after the diverse and conflicting interests of the entire Bahujan Samaj — that too bringing out the best possible journal.
The way the Muslim and Sikh readers of DV paying tributes to the Editor proves my point.
All these aspects of the Editor came to the light only because of the “Closing down DV” Debate.
Most striking achievement of DV: DV members are forgetting the most striking achievements of the editor in internationalising the problem of Hindu racism and giving it world-wide publicity. When the Editor leads the Indian delegation to the “World conference on Blacks” in Senegal in December, the whole world will know the humbugs of Gandhi and his disciples. Over 30 years back his book, Dalit — The Black Untocuhables of India, which President Obama had read as a young practising lawyer, introduced the Indian Apartheid to the whole of USA.
Why the critics of Editor are forgetting this greatest contribution of the Editor of exposing the well-kept secrets of the Gandhian humbug?
Editor must shift to Delhi: Muslims, Sikhs, Christians had the best well-wisher in DV. Almost all Christian and many Muslim institutions are DV family members.
All this came to light only because of the DV Debate on “Closing down”. But for this I too would not have broken my long silence. I thank the Editor for editing my broken English dictated to him on telephone.
DV members must go out of the way to financially support the Editor and get him to Delhi.


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