Wanted expert psychiatrist & brain surgeon to probe our “national” problem

Right from the beginning of history, every revolutionary thinker, scholar and leader fought only against Brahminism which is India’s principal contradiction. Just because our circulation is falling we cannot stop speaking on the historical truths.


Despite being a member of DV for about 10 years, the Brahmin in Brother Prakash has not changed a wee bit. This is yet another proof that neither “education” nor democratic aspirations of the suppressed “nations” would melt the Brahmin heart.

So often a question was asked to Periyar E.V. Ramaswamy as to why he criticised only the Brahmin. Even M.K. Gandhi asked: “Did you not find one good Brahmin in your life?”


The answer Periyar gave to this star question needs repetition. He said: “All the good Brahmins are dead Brahmins”.

Even Gandhi, who did so much service to Brahmins and finally selected only a Brahmin as India’s first PM, was shot dead only by a Brahmin.

Why the Brahmin refuses to change? He may slightly compromise on economic things, even political, but never on socio-cultural things for fear of losing his status as the unquestioned leader of the land — Bhoodevata.


This is the problem. Brother Prakash and his ilk must ponder.

We don’t blame him. He too is a victim of the Brahminic system that is “killing” the Brahmins. We pity them.

That is how we once sought for expert psychiatrist and brain surgeon to probe this “national” problem — EDITOR.



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