DV survived for 30 long years — only because of its right royal path

Brother Jitendra Jadhav has been our member only for two years while DV has been struggling for 30 years.

India has not seen an English or even a language journal of Dalits lasting 30 years.


The situation of the country and DV in particular is not as simple as he describes. Babasaheb himself on his death bed had said the educated sections of his community have cheated him. This is proved from the communications from different parts of India published in DV.

Serving IAS/IPS officers keep away from DV and the community. Not because DV is not speaking the Truth and supporting Justice but because they are afraid of their Brahmin bosses.


But even the lowest ranking Brahmin in a govt. office will courageously celebrate festivals of his gods in the office itself — and that too during the office hours. None dare question him. They openly attend RSS shakhas and all subversive activities.

A Brahmin on taking over as the Chief Justice of Allahabad High Court got the “holy waters” from the Ganga and got his chair “cleaned” because its previous occupant, a Dalit, had polluted it. The entire High Court staff had silently witnessed it. The shocking incident was also reported in the press. No Brahmin took objection to the racist behaviour of the Chief Justice.

Jitendra stresses “political power”. Fine. BSP has been in “political power” in UP but the power of the Brahmin, Vaishya, Thakurs of UP are in tact not only in the society but even in the govt. What use is this “political power”?


“Educate” is the first of the “Three Commandments” of Babasaheb. DV strictly confines to that. That is the job we took upon ourselves. We can’t combine all the three and mess up the things. We have explained the significance of Babasaheb’s “Three Commandments” in our book.

Our own family members suffer from so much of confusion and become argumentative without offering to support us in this critical time.

Look at the money that pours into the coffers of Brahmin temples — in crores. The entire money flows into the Brahminical subversive activities.

But when we run a journal, acknowledged by the whole readership as the right, real Voice of the Bahujans, and a big debate is going on, the total money that poured in is a merely Rs. 4 lakhs.

What a shame.

Just imagine how weak we are.


OBCs (35%) are an unthinking community. We have hardly any circulation among them — though we always fought and suffered for them. Muslims are another problem. They are a problem even to themselves. The Christian church is controlled by its Brahmin converts (Syrians). Sikhs are busy quarreling.


Despite all this indifference of the OBCs and religious minorities, we stood by them. Only because the Bahujans are our people. And Babasaheb said Dalits are the natural leaders of the Bahujan.

Tribals are under the deepest darkness.

In spite of such hostile surroundings and indifference of the “educated” sections among Dalits, DV survived for 30 years.

Jitendra Jadhav and his ilk must ponder over this — EDITOR.



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