CWG chaos exactly like total mess in India


Bangalore: The chaos in the Commonwealth Games (India), headed by the arrogant Karnataka Brahmin Kalmadi represents everything that is Brahminic India.

The false picture, so painstakingly painted, of “Shining India”, “Booming India” is shattered to pieces.

When the whole world is laughing at it, our “Khatri Sick” PM is fully defending it. Not one single of our “intellectuals”, who rush to the press for everything sundry, has criticised it. See the Brahminic solidarity.

India suffered international shame. So what? The country lost, “who cares, our man gained”.

Except the Times of India, barking at Kalmadi at the behest of Sharad Pawar, the rest of the media is silent. Just as a dog will not eat another dog, have you ever seen a Brahmin criticising another jatwala? Kalmadi is fully backed by his entire tribe. He knows his strength. Neither the all-powerful govt. nor the courts have the courage to touch the Bhoodevata.

When Gandhi was killed by a Brahmin, RSS rejoiced and distributed sweets. Their jatwalas might have shed crocodile tears, but never condemned Godse.

Such is the solidarity. When it rains in Kashmir, the Kanyakumari Brahmin shivers.

This jati solidarity is bent upon taking the country to the World War-III so that the starving Bahujans are reduced to beggars. (Sept.24, 2010).

DV Sept.1, 2010 p.8: “Anatomy of corruption”.


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