Brahminists will dance with joy


I am deeply perturbed on reading about “Closing of DV”. Brahminical forces will dance with joy. It will be the death of Dalit movement in India. Here in Kerala, the Hindu marxist govt. is suppressing all Dalits and Muslim movement.

DHRO (Dalit Human Rights Organisation) is under the scan of the marxist police. The Other Books, Calicut, was raided by the police. The Other Books is doing a great job in publishing books. Muslims are fighting each other. Jamate-Islami is now getting kicks from the CPM. M.K. Muneer, ex-minister from the Indian Muslim League, is a buffoon — branded the Popular Front as a terrorist outfit. What a tragedy.

Don’t close down DV. We are all frightened. If you close DV means Brahminical forces will dance with joy. We will with you. Within a month I will send my tiny contribution and renew my subscription.

You had cleanly forgotten us for over 5 years after being our member for 13 years. What made you to remember us now when we are sinking? Our circulation has fallen because “educated” Dalits find Brahmins a better company. Even richer Muslims are deserting us. But what is much more shocking is you also forgetting us — EDITOR.



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