28 lose vision at free eye camp in Madhya Pradesh

Mandla, Madhya Pradesh: Twenty eight people, mostly tribals or Dalits, lost their vision after a cataract surgery at a free eye camp organised by a private hospital in Madhya Pradesh's tribal Mandla district.

A day after the operation, all patients developed infection and their eyes started bleeding. But they were sent back home after being given a few eye drops.

"My eyes have gone weak after the operation. I don't know what to do now as I can barely see," said Ranto Bayee, a 65-year old widow.

Many of these senior citizens fear their families will disown them as they have now become a burden for them.
"I can't see anything. Now even my second eye is getting weak," said Trilok Singh, another victim.

A month after the operation, when the pain became unbearable and vision started blurring, some of them went back to the hospital. But the hospital had no explanation.

"Of course, there has been negligence. But I don't know how it happened," said T S Mishra, the trustee of Yogiraaj Hospital.

There has been no action against the hospital so far. Neither has anybody from the administration met the victims yet.

When NDTV tried to contact the district collector, he refused to talk on the issue.


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