Punjab can be saved from Brahminical pests if Jats & Dalits join hands

Punjab can be saved from Brahminical pests if Jats & Dalits join hands

Brother Baldev Singh, our good old DV life member, with whom we recently had long talks in Delhi, is a rare exception to the recent transformation of Jat Sikhs — rushing to embrace upper castes (Hindus) their traditional oppressors. Though Sikhism was born as a protest against Brahminism — country’s principal enemy — and founded by Guru Nanak to liberate the victims of Brahminism, the Sikhs gradually started softening towards their oppressors.
Guru Granth perversion

During the Brahmana Jati Party (BJP) rule under A.B. Vajpayee they were offered thousands of crores for their Sikh tercentenary celebrations, a portion of it the Sikh (Akalis) ruling party gave it to the Hindu terrorist party, RSS, with pleasure. Not only that. The Jat Sikhs did not resent the Brahminical perversion of their holy scripture, the Guru Granth.

Even when Dalit Voice gave a call to the Jat Sikhs to burn the Dasam Granth, many Jat Sikhs met us at Chandigarh cautioning against such a call. (DV Feb.16, 2005 p.5: “Dalits must burn Dasam Granth to save Sikhs from Brahminism”).

Unconfirmed reports say the Brahmins, once ousted from the Golden Temple, Amritsar, are back on the job.

The Brahminical enemy is gradually eating into the Jat Sikh religious stronghold and also quietly instigating them against Dalits and Dalit Sikhs who together form the third largest segment of Punjab
Vienna murder

The Brahminical evil genius finally succeeded in bringing about a total rupture by master-minding the murder of a Dalit saint at Vienna in May 2009. (DV June 16, 2009 p.5: “DV stands by Ballan saints”). The Brahminists managed the Vienna killing with the help of the RAW, according to informed sources. Even as the Jat Sikhs got alienated from the Dalits, the Brahminists quickly got closer to Dalits pouring petrol on the burning Dalit hatred of Jat Sikhs.
Arya Samaj mischief

At the same time the Brahminists — the enemy No.1 of both the communities — remained close to Dalits as well as Jats. Brahminical mischief in Punjab is as old as Dayananda Saraswati who poisoned the Sikh minds through his notorious Arya Samaj.

As of today the Dalits and Jat Sikhs remain daggers drawn with no scope for reconciliation.
Dalits launch Ravidas religion

The break became total when the Dalit Sikhs rejected the Guru Granth and announced launching of their own “Ravidas religion” and a holy text as a counter to Sikh religion.

Brother Baldev Singh has said how Kanshi Ram, a Dalit Sikh, forged a workable Jat-Sikh-Dalit alliance in Punjab. He also says such an alliance is still possible and desirable. Anticipating such a danger, the Brahminist enemy oppressor staged the Vienna assassination.

After this murder, there were violent clashes between the two — with the Brahminists fanning the flames of hate on both sides. The Brahminist fear is because both the sections have identified the Brahmin as their only oppressor, they decided to break this alliance and the Vienna assassination served the purpose.
Sikhs forget Editor’s services

Some Jat Sikhs even criticised us saying we have gone against the Jats by supporting the Dalits. The Sikhs have forgotten the fact that we were the first and the only Dalit in the country to support Sant Bhindranwale’s war against Brahminism, denouncing the “Blue Star” Brahminical barbarity and the heroic deeds of Brave Beant Singh who avenged the killing of the thousands of innocent Sikhs in “Blue Star”.
DV Editor’s arrest & “Punjab jail yatra”

It was our Editorial in Dalit Voice philosophically analysing the assassination of Indira Gandhi that led to our arrest (1986) and lodging us in Chandigarh jail. In our unpublished book, Chandigarh Jail Yatra, we have narrated the story of our arrest under the Terrorist Act. We were India’s first Dalit to be arrested under the Terrorist Act for supporting the Jat Sikh struggle for self-determination. At that time the Sikhs in thousands hailed us. Brother Jagjit Singh, the famous author of the Sikh Revolution, used to daily sit outside the Chandigarh jail and shed the tears whole day.

Hundreds of Sikhs became DV subscribers and we started the Punjabi DV (which had good circulation) edited by Sister Kuldip Kaur Sidhu of Delhi, also a brave Jat Sikh.
Bid to keep Jats-Dalits divided

All these are part of history but unfortunately under the more powerful Brahminist influence, the Jat Sikhs were made to forget our services – though famous Jat-Sikh writers like late Jagjit Singh, author of the fantastic book, Sikh Revolution (1998-reprint, pp.600, photocopies available with DV) and late Kapur Singh ICS (retd.) and Brother Gurtej Singh, IAS (retd.), the late Maj-Gen Narinder Singh and Sister Dr. K.K. Sudhu accepted us as their faithful brother. Public memory may be short but historic facts are there to verify all these.

All these are now forgotten and washed out in the Brahminical ballistic. Jat Sikhs are made to fight Dalits and vice-versa. And enough stooges have been financed and groomed to keep the burning flame alive so that the two enemies of Brahminism will never-ever join hands.
Agriculture devastated

This is the scene in Punjab today which is facing total economic ruin because of the devastation faced in agriculture sector. We have written on this so much. But alas ours is the lone-voice of sanity amid the storm of stupidity engineered by powerful Brahminical forces.

Like Brother Baldev Singh we are the lone, weak voice of sanity. Brahminist strategy is not only spurious but passed on as genuine by the Brahminical toilet papers.
Editor ready to visIt Punjab

In the light of these developments the only appeal we can make is to saner elements among Dalits and Jat Sikhs to remember the past, respect the history and tread the path shown by Guru Ravidas and Guru Gobind Singh, the born enemies of Brahminism, and strive for the unity of the two communities to save Punjab and India from its centuries-old saitans who destroyed this country.

Even in this hostile waters full of crocodiles, we are ready to come to Punjab and meet both Jats and Dalits so that justice and truth prevails and Punjab is saved from the pindaries — EDITOR.


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