Guns can never silence Kashmiri craving for Azadi : Hate-Muslim policy destroys very fabric of India

Guns can never silence Kashmiri craving for Azadi : Hate-Muslim policy destroys very fabric of India 
 Guns alone cannot suppress any people fighting for self-determination and liberation. This is the lesson of history and applies to all human rights struggles and particularly Kashmir, where we have been seeing the ugliest and the most barbaric face of Brahminism killing innocent Kashmiri youths. Whether it is the Congress or the Brahmana Jati Party (BJP), any govt. sitting in Delhi has only one answer to the Kashmiri aspirations for Azadi. Bullets. Change of govt. brings no change in policy because the man in the driver’s seat is the same hate-mongering Vaidik Brahmin.

Editor not allowed to enter Kashmir: Kashmiri Muslims fighting for Azadi were all Brahmins (Pundits) till recently but they revolted against this violent cult and sought liberation under Islam. The Brahminists who usurped the Delhi throne through a deep-rooted conspiracy of the Jews and “Jews of India” with the help of the cunning Gujarati Bania, M.K. Gandhi, have launched a reign of terror on every section of the Indian society whose suppressed voice is heard only through DV, the Voice of the Persecuted Nationalities Denied Human Rights.

The Editor of DV was invited by the Azadi leaders to visit Kashmir but was not allowed by the Brahminist leaders.

Those interested in knowing the roots of the Kashmir problem and facts of the Brahminical reign of terror may order a photocopy of the book, The Challenge in Kashmir (1997) by Dr. Sumantra Bose, himself an upper caste Bengali Baidya but a distinguished Western-educated historian (pp.210, Rs. 150).

Pakistan accepts plebiscite: The then Dogra ruler of Kashmir, Hari Singh, might have “acceded” to India but it was strictly conditional on a “reference to the people” of Kashmir — meaning plebiscite. The Kashmiri Brahmin, the first PM of India, J.L. Nehru, on Nov.2, 1947 declared his govt. “pledge” to “hold a referendum under international auspices (read UN) to determine the wishes of the people. He repeated this “pledge” many times.

Pakistan also accepted the plebiscite solution. Accordingly the UN passed a resolution accepting plebiscite.

But the Brahminist rulers never believed in keeping up any commitment. Their argument is:

(1) Pakistani forces failed to vacate portions under their control (a pre-condition under the UN resolution for plebiscite), (2) Kashmir’s lawful ruler acceded to India.

If both the above arguments are acceptable, says Dr. Bose, why did Nehru commit India for plebiscite despite the legality of Kashmiri rulers accession to India?

(3) Brahminist rulers often shout that Kashmir is our integral part of India. Fine. This opinion, they say, is based on the repeated elections held in Kashmir where its “democratically elected representatives have repeatedly and freely ratified the moral and legal validity of accession to India in free election”.

Bogus claim: The UN, however, still stands by plebiscite. Even the US Govt. till very recently, maintained that “Kashmir is a disputed territory”.

Rigged elections: Indian rulers say pro-India elements have always won in different state elections and the people of Kashmir have voted for staying with India. Accepted. “Then why the Brahminists are opposing plebiscite?”, ask the Kashmiri people. Simple. The elections are totally rigged to promote anti-people Brahminical cockroaches. That the Kashmir people through their MLAs have voted to remain in India is a total bogus claim. This is proved in the recent uprising which could not be controlled even by the brute force launched by the Tamil Chettiar killing scores of young Kashmiris.

We had been to Kashmir and met its revolutionary leaders like Jalil Andrabi, a prominent human rights lawyer from Kashmir, who was brutally killed in Srinagar in 1996.

The “unanimous opinion” of the Kashmiris is they are not fighting and dying to join Pakistan. They want only Azadi, self-determination. That is all.

Toilet papers admission: Brahminist rulers may send brute force to crush the Kashmir struggle for Azadi but it can never win the hearts of Kashmiris. Brahminical toilet papers themselves have admitted this. Corrupt and discredited politicians like Farooq Abdullah and his son Omar with no roots in the soil of Kashmir are intensely hated people. The latest revolt is also against these “foreign imposters”.

The Kashmiri Brahmin micro-minority well-entrenched in Delhi is manipulating the current “war” against Azadi with the aid of the Brahminists in RAW and IB but they will never succeed.

Constitution itself destroyed: The Brahminical rulers have throughout used brute force with the support of their Jewish cousins not only to suppress Kashmiris but also ride rough-shod on the aspirations of all the nationalities fighting for human rights. These persecuted nationalities include Dalits 20%, Tribals 10%, Muslims 15%, Christian and Sikhs (5%), Backward Castes 35%. All these nationalities are not even able to breath freely. They have been repressed, rebuffed and denied recognition. Brahminists did this by destroying the very constitution of India, bending the judiciary, media, and suppressing all human rights struggles. “National” toilet papers fully aided and abetted the destruction of the constitution. This is the only cause of India’s free fall. With over 85% of the Indian population of 1,300 million suppressed, their human rights mutilated how can the Brahminists ever allow the country to rise, socially, culturally and economically?

PM’s wrong diagnosis: Our “Khatri Sick” PM thinks Kashmir is an economic problem. Nonsense. Kashmiri youths are fighting and dying not for “jobs”. The PM is consciously adding insult to injury by ridiculing the Kashmiri youth who are dying for Azadi.

We are happy that the tumultuous events of July and August 2010 have drowned the two Abdullah cockroaches and brought to the fore the villain-turned overnight hero, Syed Ali Shah Geelani (81) who declared that Kashmir is a disputed territory. Brahminists admitted his “genuine leadership”.

Withdraw the Army, lift curfew, hold plebiscite in Kashmir as desired by the people and the UN and accept the verdict. That is the only solution.

Brahminists don’t love India: There will never be peace in India as long as Kashmir continues to boil. With Indian army committed to Kashmir, it will be a drag on the Indian economy. Nothing grows in Kashmir except apples. It is more a liability. China has already taken over the development of Azad Kashmir. Impoverished India with its rag-tag army will have no courage to face the nuclear-armed Pakistan supported by both China and also USA. The only reason the rulers are holding on to Kashmir at the cost of the country is to rouse the ‘majority Hindus” against “minority” Muslims. But in the process the Brahminists are only destroying India. But “whose father’s what goes?” Brahminists have already said they don’t belong to India and hence don’t love India. As the Bahujans have been mentally crushed and made voiceless, the rulers may temporarily ride the waves with the Kalmadis looting the crores. But how long this can continue?


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