Cities dying one by one

Cities dying one by one


Bangalore: Anything the Brahminists touch turns into charcoal. Did we not say it? May be a 100 times.

The upper caste rulers (15% - Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Banias and upper caste shudras) migrated to big cities in search of pleasure, enjoyment, leisurely living. And once they embraced a city it turned into a charcoal.

This is not our verdict but their own organisation (TOI Aug.8, 2010).

For the first time 423 class-I cities were graded on the basis of their sanitation. Result? Bombay, India’s biggest city, is pushed to bottom (No.46) — behind Kanpur.

Narayanamurthys kill Bangalore: Delhi ranked 5, Madras, 13, Calcutta, 25. One by one bit cities are dying.

Cities are the pleasure park of the rich, meaning the upper castes. And such parks have started rotting. Bangalore is not mentioned in the TOI report. But since we live here we know what Bhoodevatas think of Bangalore. They say Bangalore is dying. The Narayanamurthy’s have killed Bangalore.

Anything the Brahminists touch will have to die. So don’t allow yourself to be touched by the enemy. Never allow even your mind to be contaminated by the gutter water.


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