China rejects defeated Brahminist offer to surrender : Bahujans must embrace new super power

China rejects defeated Brahminist offer to surrender : Bahujans must embrace new super power


As China is fast emerging as a super power, overtaking USA, India’s Brahminical rulers continue to generate more hate against China, sheltering the notorious Dalai Lama and adding fuel to fire.

Nehru, India’s first Brahmin PM, was a bogus socialist who engineered the war against China (1962) in which India was utterly defeated and ate dust. Thousands of innocent Indian soldiers died.

Good servant but bad master: The common masses of India (85%) have no say in the governance of the country but they have nothing against China. It is the Brahminist rulers (15%) who have fought with every neighbour around India, headed by the super power China which has become the darling of all the have-nots of the world. But in contrast the rulers have made India the most hated country.

During our recent visit to London and Paris (July 2010) and discussions with intellectuals familiar with this subject, particularly Brahminism, the curse of India, a new fear is being expressed.

Many experts on the subject of Brahminism say the Brahmin is a good servant but bad master. If you are strong, the Brahmin will lick your boot. But if you are weak he will crush you and suck your blood. Yes. Indian history proves this.

Annie Besant as Cong. president: Applying this logic to China, which is fast emerging as the sole super power of the 21st century, what will be the stand of Indian Brahminist rulers vis-a-vis China?

The fear expressed during our discussions was the Brahminists — scenting danger to their very existence — might quickly reverse their policy and start courting if not bum-licking the Chinese leaders.

Fears of the Western experts are based on the Brahminical behaviour during the British rule which they bitterly hated because it brought about justice, rule of law and introduced English education system - which threatened their very hegemony. In Madras, the Brahmins started the Hindu English daily to fight the British-owned Madras Mail.

Brahmins supported Hitler: Brahmins invited a notorious rejected British woman, Annie Besant, and made her the president of the National Congress, the party of the Brahmins, to fight the British rulers. They even courted Hitler, invited him to India, promising a red-carpet welcome, travelled to distant Germany, supplied their swastika emblem and made them fight the British.

Darling of the British: Though the Jews and the “Jews of India” are cousins, the two fell into opposite camps: The Jews hating Hitler and Brahmins loving the nazi Germany (Read our book, Brahminism, DSA-2002, photocopy available, Rs. 100).

Hitler’s forces even bombed London and the British, the sole super power of the day, was about to be defeated in the World War-II. But the Jews had a better strategy. They blackmailed the US to support British and join the World War in which Germany was finally defeated.Scenting the danger the Brahminists quickly changed sides and started praising the British and hailing Churchill, the war-time British PM. They have no permanent enemy but only permanent interests.

Will Brahminists surrender to China: They never keep all their eggs in one basket. They will be always with the victors. They quickly endeared themselves to the British, as by then they have already mastered the English language.

The Gujarati Bania as their fondest slave, they quickly managed to become the darling of the British. And then managed through the Jewish Viceroy, Mountbatten, the partition of India. The “Jews of India” finally won.

During our discussions abroad with experts on the Jews and “Jews of India” fears were expressed if the history would repeat in the case of China. Will the Brahminists surrender to their today’s enemy (China) so that their tomorrow will be sure and secure ?

But will the Chinese, firmly rooted in their centuries-old philosophy, who had the courage to rebuff their own ideological-mate, Soviet Russia, be fooled by the Brahminist rulers? Will the Brahminists shamelessly apologise for their 1962 war and their continued the enemity for decades?

China has already became the best friend of all the Brahminist enemies surrounding India: Pakistan, Kashmir, Nepal, Bangladesh, Burma, Lanka, Maldives. China has completely encircled India.

China hated Jews: No doubt all these enemies of Brahminist rulers will prevail upon China not to give scope to the “Jews of India”. China never allowed the Jews, who brought communism to Russia, to infiltrate its country. Chairman Mao and Premier Chou En-lai were fully aware of the menace of the Jews and also the ‘Jews of India”.

But in war and love — and politics too — there is nothing like a permanent enemy or friend. The Brahminist “Jews of India”, know how and when to stoop to conquer. Did they not give their wives, sisters and daughters to Muslim rulers? All this is part of history. Chanakya’s Arthasastra asks the Brahmin to stoop to conquer.

So we will not be surprised if the Brahminists try to build bridges and skyways to cross into China and bum-lick China.

But during our discussion, we firmly assured our friends that China will never, ever yield. And our predictions are firmly rooted in Chinese history.


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