Brahma’s sex with daughter, animals


Brahma’s sex with daughter, animals
(3) As Brahma left the place after the marriage, he once again secreted the semen and dropped it on the ashes of a graveyard. Here also a Rakshasa named Pooricharavanan was born.

(4) After this Brahma collected the bones in the burial ground and once again secreted the semen and dropped it on the heap of the bones. Instantly a brave and strong man called Salliyan was born.

(5) As he left the graveyard small quantity of semen was secreted and it dropped on the ground. A bird came there and consumed the semen of Brahma. The bird became pregnant and gave birth to a man called Sakuni.

(6) Then god Brahma went to a tank. He dropped a little of his semen there. A frog came and swallowed the semen of Brahma and the frog gave birth to a female child called Mandothari.

(7) At last Brahma dropped the last remnants of his semen in a lotus flower in a tank. The lotus flower became pregnant and gave birth to a female child called Padma?

(8) On seeing his daughter Padma, Brahma was very much moved. He looked at the beauty of his daughter. He wooed his daughter and wanted to have intercourse. How could a daughter give consent to one’s own father? Padma refused. Brahma did not give up his desire. He began to quote the Vedas to his daughter to make her realise that there is nothing wrong in enjoying with anyone, anytime, anywhere for the sake of giving birth to a child:

Mathara Mupathya, susara mupaithe, Puthrartheetha

Sagamarthi, Napathra loka, nasthee thath.

Saravam paravo vindu ha, dasmath Puthrar tham

Matharam suransathee Rahathee.

This is the Sanskrit sloka Brahma quoted to his daughter. He explained to his daughter, that for the sake of a child one can enjoy with one’s own sister or daughter, as per the authority of the sacred Vedas composed by Brahmin scholar.

(9) Brahma managed to convince his daughter with the help of the Veda and enjoyed her. Brahma’s semen entered the womb of his daughter. But somehow, for reasons not known he extracted his semen from the womb of his daughter, with the help of his own penis.

(10) This behaviour of god Brahma and his lustful actions reached the king of Devas - Devendra. He deputed Thilothama, a dancing girl of devalokam to dance. She danced in all the four directions and up above in the sky. By this Brahma got five heads. He was much enamoured of the beauty of Thilothama. Brahma followed Thilothama for her love. God Eswara personally saw the madness of Brahma. So he cut away one of the heads of Brahma.

(11) Then Brahma began to roam about in the forests. He happened to see a female bear in a bush. Brahma would not leave it. He went straight to the bush. The female bear yielded to Brahma. God Brahma enjoyed with the bear and a human being with the head of a bear was born. He is called Jambu Vandan, the son of Brahma.

(12) Then Brahma met Urvasi, a prostitute. He was much moved for her beauty. He wooed her and made an agreement. Accordingly after enjoying her, he left the semen extracted from the womb of his daughter Padma and left in the womb of Urvasi. The child born was named Vasistan. After performing all these increditable acts, god Brahma transferred his powers to Vasistan and went away to perform penance.

The origin and birth of munivars and rishis who created Vedas and sastras
The birth of these Rishis is against the laws of nature, absurd and vulgar. I give few examples:

Rishis                                           Born to
1. Kalaikottur Rishi Deer              Deer
2. Kousik Kusam                           Kusam
3. Jambukar Jackal                        Jackal
4. Gouthamar Bull                         Bull
5. Valmiki Hunter                          Hunter
6. Agasthiar Vessel                         Vessel
7. Vyasar Fisher woman                  Fisher Woman



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