BAMCEF’s 13th Andhra Pradesh state convention

BAMCEF’s 13th Andhra Pradesh state convention was organised on 10th and 11th July 2010 in Ellure. The convention was more than a success. Convention was started by garlanding statue of Dr.Ambedkar followed by a grand Rally on the road. The main attraction of the Rally was the songs and dance on Mulnivasi concept. First Inaugural session of the convention was addressed by Hon. Wani Prasad (I.A.S), Hon. R Malikarjun (Jt. Director, Social welfare Dept.), Mrs.Devi Prasad (IRS). The book titled, “Need of Basic values and Organisational Leadership”, written by Mr.S.F.Gangawane and translated in Telugu by Mr. Vinay Kumar was inaugurated by the Honorable Guest Speakers. The Inaugural session was presided by Mr.B.D.Borkar, (Chief Executor, BAMCEF Offshoot wings).

Delegate session was the after lunch session. Delegate session was dedicated for the delegates of Andhar Pradesh to highlight on the topic, “The Objective set forth by BAMCEF can not be achieved without structural development of the organisation”.

Delegates from different districts put their views on this topic. This session was presided by Mr.Chandu Maiske, (National Gen. Secretary, BAMCEF

The first awakening session topic for discussion was, “The Education Bill 2006, is nothing but a process of Brahmanising the educational system”. Invited Guest Speakers delivered their views on this brain-storming topic. Guest Speakers who delivered their views include Hon. M.F.Gopinath( Social Activists), Hon.P Srimalu (Jt. Conveyor, Bahujan Keratalu) and Porf.B.Srinivasanra o (C R Reddy college, Elluru). This session was presided by Prof.P.D.Satyapal, National President-BAMCEF Teachers Wing.

On the second day of the convention, topic kept for Delegate session was, “Succession of Political Offices – A Death blow to democracy”. Delegates from different districts of Andhra Pradesh put their views on this topic. This session was presided by Dr.C.Kurmaiyya (Member, SEC- BAMCEF). This delegate session was followed by Awakeing session. Topic kept for discussion under this awakening session was, “Why Congress, BJP and Communist parties are opposing reservation within women reservation”. Hon. Y V Ramanarao, Prof. C H Swarup Rani (Nagarjuna university, Guntur ), Hon. Mohan Kumar Drama(Social activist, Guntur ) delivered their views in this awakening session. This awakening session was presided by Mr.B.Sudarshan (State Convenor - BAMCEF Teachers wing).

Last awakening topic kept for discussion was related to the Census 2011. Topic for discussion was, “Why RSS is opposing the caste based Census”. Guest speakers on this topic were, “Dr.M.Srinivasrao (Writer), Hon.U Samba Shiv rao (Social Activist), Hon. R. Subbarao (IAS, Secretary SC ST commission, Andhra Pradesh). Hon. Vincent Paul (Member state committee, BAMCEF) presided over the session.

The two days convention was concluded with speeches of BAMCEF AP State President and Secretar.


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