Brahminism also kills football

Brahminism also kills football                       ( Thanks a lot Dalit Voice )


Bangalore: What a pity our idli-sambar, micro-minority, grass-eating papans have killed the world’s most popular game — football.

Their heart is in the stupid cricket, a game which is neither man nor woman. IPL frauds. Olympics has ranked India at 133, below some unknown islands. What a shame that the Brahminical India is at the bottom in everything — though it is the world’s No.2 in population. But No.1 in bragging, boasting, cheating, manipulating. Shameless fellows.

The hate-mongering Brahminists starved our robust Muslims and SC/ST/BCs, banned cow slaughter which made them weak and killed their stamina, affecting our sports. Vegetarianism killed our sports which will be proved in the coming Delhi Commonwealth Games in which India will eat the dust.

Brahminists are killing India itself. We have said it repeatedly. A land where milk and honey were once flowing is today blighted beyond recognition.

DV June 1, 2010 p.6: “IPL: A bloody game of greed & fraud”.

DV Oct.16, 2009 p.18: “Question mark on Delhi’s Commonwealth game”.

DV May 16, 2009 p.12: “Cricket as game of Brahmins to fool Bahujan masses”.

DV Nov.1, 2007 p.12: “Cricket used to convert India into Hindu Rashtra”.


China learns danger of Jews


China finally learns the truth about the Jews. Who’s to blame for the current global financial crisis? According to a bestselling book in China,the answer is clear: The Jews.

Author of the book, Currency Wars, Song Hongbing, claims that behind world-changing events like the battle of Waterloo, Hitler’s rise to power, President Kennedy’s assassination, and the deep recession in Asia during the 1990s stood an intricate conspiracy aimed at increasing Jews’ wealth and influence. Song, a Chinese IT engineer in the US, writes that almost every defining historical moment has been instigated by Jews mainly the Rothschilds, which dominates the global banking system, including the US Federal Reserve.

DV was the first in India to alert about the Jews and the “Jews of India” axis. As our entire media is under the monopoly of Brahminists, our Voice is drowned — EDITOR.


Editor’s London visit


Bangalore: The Editor of Dalit Voice is leaving for London on July 12 to attend the annual meeting of the London Institute of South Asia (LISA) of which he is a director, on July 14. While returning he will halt in Paris for two days.



Dalit Voice was the first in India, if not the world, to perfect a new theory that the Jews controlling the West and the 3% Brahminists holding the neck of India are blood brothers.

Our theory is hailed by the Western experts on Jews as a path-breaking thesis. Both the enemies of humanity hail from Eastern Asia and originally called Khazhars. One section migrated to West and called itself Jews, killed Jesus, held the Pope under hostage, throttled Christianity, brought about two World Wars. And now all set to launch a third one.

A section of the Jews walked into India, destroyed the world’s second greatest Indus Valley Civilization, killed Budhism, made monkeys out of Muslims, inspired the Jewish-controlled British empire to invade India, groomed the Gujarati Bania into Mahatma and finally killed him after making a Kashmiri Brahmin the first PM. For the past 63 years they have been ruling India in close collaboration with the Jews and the zionist state of Israel. Fortunately their career is ending.

To introduce this crime-filled history to the innocent Indians and the Western Christians, we have brought out four pamphlets which had roaring sales.


(Harror story of Two World Famous Tyrants)

V.T. Rajshekar

2007 pp.30 Rs. 25 (US$ 2)


V.T. Rajshekar

2008 pp.8 Rs. 5 (US$ 1)


(Story of Conspirators Turning Collaborators)

V.T. Rajshekar

2008 pp.16 Rs. 5 (1 euro)



A White American Christian living in Los Angeles

2010 pp.25 Rs. 10 (US$ 2).

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Quran sanctions Jihad


Basic issues facing the Muslim world

Dr. Kaukab Siddique

Editor, New Trend, A Pakistani Muslim living in USA

Abul Ala Maudoodi says Islam stands for revolution to radically reconstitute the society. Jihad, sanctioned in Quran, means revolutionary struggle. But both in India and Pakistan Islamists do not fight against basic sources of inequality. Poverty is caused by the rich who withhold the rights of the poor. Bangladesh faces starvation not because of overpopulation but the elite few control all the resources — 31% of the land is owned by 7%. That is how the struggling people of the third world could not get inspiration from Islam. An exploiter cannot be a Muslim. Quran declares war on usurious money-lenders. One who is starving has the right to armed struggle. Exploiters have taken hold of Islam. That is why they stress only the rituals but silent on revolution against injustice, exploitation. They talk only the “hereafter” but not their duties on this earth. Islam abhors gradualism and reformism. Capitalists becoming “honest” by paying zakat is not Islam. Islam equated faith and virtue with liberation. The downtrodden Mustadafeen, who in India conditions are none but the Dalits. Are the Muslims of India working for the liberation of Mustadafeen? That is how the Muslims have themselves became oppressors. There is no priesthood under Islam. Allah is not to be approached through a priest. That is how the rich and the powerful have subverted the Quran. That is why the Prophet passed on from preaching to armed struggle (jihad) and liberated the oppressed.


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