Why are mulnivasi OBC's ( who are shudra according to the varna system of the brahmanical religion) are hated by the arya brahmins and other so called high caste aryan hindus??

Why are mulnivasi OBC's ( who are shudra according to the varna system of the brahmanical religion) are hated by the arya brahmins and other so called high caste aryan hindus??

If OBC's are also hindus like the other high caste hindus, then......

1. Why is OBC reservation in higher academic institutes is being opposed by the arya brahmins and high high caste aryan hindus?

2. Why the caste based census (janganana) of mulnivasi OBC's is opposed by the arya brahmins and high caste hindus?

3. Why the Mandal Commision which gives representation to mulnivasi OBC's in govenment and administration is being opposed by the arya brahmins and high caste hindus?

4. Why mulnivasi Mr. Kalyan Singh ( a lodh backward) was kicked out of BJP when he organised conventions for backward castes?

5. Why mulnivasi Uma Bharti ( a lodh backward) was kicked out from the party when she raised the demand for rseperate reservation to OBC women in women reservation bill?

6. Why mulnibasi OBC, Ms. Gauri was kicked out of Communist Party of Kerala when she talked about the issues of backward castes?

7. Why mulnivasi OBC, Mr. Shankar Singh Waghela was kicked out of BJP when he raised the issuesof obc's?

8. Why all the brahmins like Mamta Banerjee, Karunakaran etc left congress when Sitaram Kesari ( a teli) was made the president of congress?

8. Why there are hardly any mulnivasi OBC's in the higher administration of India?

9. Why there are no mlnivasi OBC's in the juciciary of India?

10. Why only those stooges of OBC's are pampered by the brahmin baniya media of India who work for the interest of the brahmins and not who talk of the isssues of Backward caste?

11. Why only Lalu Prasad Yadava is ridiculed for having 9 children while nothing is said about Pandit Narsimha Rao for having 14 children?

12. Why the media is always after Mulayam Singh yadav, Lalu Yadava, Karunanihi etc?

13. Why Pandita Jay Lalita is not targetted by the Brahmin baniya media of India for corruption but only People like Lalu?

14. Why the media does not write any thing about Rashtapita Jyotiba Phule, Shahu Maharaj, Periyar Ram Swami Naykar , Narayan Guru etc who worked for the cause of mulnivasi OBC's and shudras?

15. Why a fatwa was issued against Karuna Nidhi by the brahmanical forces just because he challenged L. K. Advani over the Ram Setu issue?

16. Why any brahmin boy does not approach any mulnivasi OBC caste girl for arranged marriage (not love marriage) if both of them are hindus?

17. Why the brahmanical parties like Congress, BJP, Communists are against spending budget for education of OBC's?

18. Why we havent had a true OBC prime minister even after 60 years of Independence?

19. Why Sardar Patel was betrayed by the brahmanical party congress just for the sake of making Pandit Nehru the prime minister of India despite the resolution passed by the congress party that the president of Congress would by default become the prime minister of India...

20. Why all the religious scriptures of the brahmanicalreligion(Hindu religion) have so many conventions , and written rules against the mulnivasi OBC shudras?

21. Why there are caste violences , exploitations and caste discrimination against the mulnivasi OBC's?

22. Why seperate reservation for mulnivasi OBC women in the women's reservation bill is opposed by the brahmins and aryan high caste hindus?

23. Why Phoolan Devi was not desiganted as Godess Durga but as Dacoit Queen?

24. Why brahmins do not chant vaidic mantras but chant only the pauranic mantras for the mulnivasi OBC's?

25. Why Jhalkari bai's credit is given to brahmin kanya Rani Laxmibai although Laxmibai did not even know how to ride a horse?

26. Why the brahmanical people do not talk anything about Rajmata Jijabai, Savitri Bai Phule, Awanti Bai Lodh, Jhalkari Bai etc? Why they talk only about Rani Laxmi Bai, Indira Gandhi, Pandita Ramabai, Vijaya Laxmi Pandit, Sarojini Naydu etc?

27. Why Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Shahuji Maharaj were humiliated by the brahmins?

28. Why mulnivasi OBC's are used against the converted muslims in communal violence as hindus while they are opposed when they talk about their socio-economic and educational rights and reservations etc?

why......... ....why.. ......... ......why. ......... .....????

Are OBC's hindu,... just because the brahmin religion (hinduism) needs a shudra class to serve the upper three vernas?

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  1. dr avinash said...
  2. Laluji has not used any of the 'chara ghotala' fund for the the benifit of the dalit infact during his tenure dalits became poorer where as Mayavati is doing much more for dalits and OBCs but Mulayam, Paswan and Lalu continuesly trying to pull mayawati down for their political benifit. I think you also purposefully avoided her name in your blog. She is current CM of the biggest state of India you cannot ignore her unles this website is for Lalu and Mulayam.

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