Brahmin birth-rate falling ? Fear of genetic extinction

Brahmin birth-rate falling ? Fear of genetic extinction


Pune: The Brahmin birthrate is falling causing serious worry in Bhoodevata circles, according to a secret circular distributed in Pune city Chitpavan circles.

Brahmin scholars and experts are discussing the projection that by the year 2050 — 40 years away—the Brahmin population in the country will go down from the present 2.5% to less than 2%.


Already a micro-minority in a country of 1,300 millions, the Brahmins have been the unquestioned lords of the land presiding over every section of the society: social, cultural, economic, political, media, legal, academic.

They have been also the country’s wealthiest and the most powerful – rightly winning the title of the Bhoodevatas (gods on earth).

Lately, the Editor of Dalit Voice has added a new feather on their cap calling them the “Jews of India”, more powerful than the 2% Jews who control the world’s most powerful country of America.

Caste-wise census enumeration is blocked in India because a true picture of the country would reveal the undemocratic picture of power. Not only that. The Moolnivasis (indigenous), who form over 85% of the country’s population, would get tremendous courage and strength on realising their population power. Already the Muslims (20%) are joining the Dalits in a big way to forge a powerful anti-Bhoodevata battle front.

When such a powerful united front of the oppressed is taking a solid shape, if the news of the grass-eating Brahmins — already physically weak and facing genetic extinction— spreads it will only hasten the gloom and doom surrounding the country’s worst oppressor community which unfortunately happens to the country’s core ruling micro-minority ruling class.

But the different oppressed castes and communities are not aware that within a couple of generations their oppressor jati will be facing total extinction.


The two reasons given for the steep fall in their population is the widespread religious custom of killing the female child at birth (or before) and their speedy migration to the West, mainly USA.

Even the thinking sections among non-Brahmins are not aware that the Brahmins will be left in a state of peril if these facts are published.

At the recent gala Pune Marathi Sahitya Sammelan, which is monopolised by the Chitpavan Brahmins, the killers of their own “Father of the Nation”, Gandhi — such a life and death issue of the Bhoodevatas — the suicide of the gods on earth — was secretly discussed but not publicised.


The Brahmins, it is learnt, are seriously worried that the land — into which they came as thugs and pindaries from West Asia over 3,000 years ago – easily fell into their hands and they became its rulers after killing the Budhists and finally driving the liberating Budhism out of India. After killing Budhism, they welcomed the Muslims, became their loyal servants to further oppress the Moolnivasi Bahujans.


Fortunately the oppressed Moolnivasis themselves became Muslims and fought back the Brahmins and became their blood enemies.

Then came the British who again were fooled so that they remained as the Bhoodevatas. They caught hold of the Gujarati Bania and made him give up his Western dress, beef-eating and drinking habits, called him mahatma to fool the innocent Moolnivasis and ultimately forced the British to quit — but only after vivisecting the country so that the Dalit-Muslim unity would not imperil their rule.

For about 65 years the Bhoodevatas ruled India enjoying heavenly bliss, manufacturing loyal stooges and destroying the health and happiness of the Moolnivasis.

At a time when they became the supreme rulers with none to challenge them, they get the alarming report that they are facing a genetic genocide.

It means our centuries-old oppressors are dying not out of any war and violence launched by the oppressed majority but because of their own conspiracies, crimes, perversion, in-breeding as the world’s original founders of racism.

Meanwhile, the “Jews of India” have received enough hints that their own cousins, the zionist Jews — on whom they are today totally depending for their survival — are no longer trusting them. The zionist Jews have come to know the secret that it was the Aryan Brahmins who brainwashed Hitler and the innocent Germans to launch the mass murder of Jews which became world famous as “Holocaust”. The zionist Jews have at least thoughtfully carved out a homeland for themselves (Israel) but the hated “Jews of India” can go nowhere as they have created too many enemies all round including their own blood brothers, the zionist Jews.



Rulers hate our caste but keep their castes safe & strong


Bangalore: Caste enumeration in the current ongoing census operation (2010) is banned by the upper caste rulers on the ground that such a head-count will promote “casteism”. The mere 15% upper castes are ruling India only on the strength of their caste. Even the Supreme Court — dominated by upper castes — helped the Brahmin castes by ruling that a Brahmin alone must be the temple priest. The upper castes are holding on to their caste privileges even as successfully making the SC/ST/BCs lifeless — of course with the help of their Brahminical casteist media.

Women’s Bill: When the Editor of Dalit Voice got the international LISA award in London (2005), for his book, Caste — A Nation Within the Nation (Books for Change, Bangalore, 2002, photocopy available with DV office Rs.100) the Brahminical media blacked out the report. Not a single paper reviewed the book which went into three editions and translated to Hindi and Kannada — all sold out.

The politics of “caste”, however, came to the forefront when the upper caste rulers cunningly got the Women’s Reservation Bill passed in the Rajya Sabha after clamping “martial law” and physically throwing out the protestors. The Bill has to be brought before the Lok Sabha but the upper castes are nervous. Because the caste is killing the Brahmana Jati Party (BJP) also.

Thakur caste party: The 15% micro-minority upper caste rulers have successfully broken the backbone of the 85% Moolnivasi Bahujan Bharat, made them deaf, dumb and blind. And yet the oppressors trumpet through their casteist “national” toilet papers that “India is the world’s greatest democracy”.

But with all the Brahminical efforts to beat the “caste” to death, the sole single “ethnic identity” of the indigenous people, the “caste” is not only not dying but fully alive and kicking.

The notorious UP Thakur, Amar Singh, thrown out of the party by Mulayam Singh, wants to start a caste party of Thakurs. No Brahmin has so far criticised his proposal.

DV has long back welcomed caste-based parties which will pave the way for caste wars.

Bihar experiment: In the neighbouring Bihar, the Brahmin favourite, Nitish Kumar, a Kurmi, wants to give land to certain Dalit subcastes. He has already introduced a new caste-based reservation to “Maha Dalits” comprising 21 castes. The Kurmi leader is the latest blue-eyed boy of the Brahmins. He now wants to include the Paswan jati also. (DV April 1, 2010 p.20: “Brahminic hand boosting Nitish Govt. to keep Lalu out”).

The four castes — Dusadh, Pasi, Dhobi and Chamar — constitute 69% of Bihar’s Dalit population living in subhuman condition. Of this Ravidas and Dusadh (Paswan) form 31.4% and 30.1%. Only 26% of the Dalits in Bihar are literate.

No subcaste among the Dalits, OBCs or upper castes is ready to give up its “caste identity” because that is their ethnic origin. And yet these Dalit castes are brain-washed by Brahmin to say that caste must go — even as every oppressor caste retains its “caste identity” in tact.

Not a single Aryan upper caste (15%) has given up its “ethnic identity”. They are only asking our people to destroy our castes. This will never happen.

DV Aug.16, 2009 p.10: “DV predictions of caste wars will come true - soon”.

DV March 1, 2009 p.21: “Caste identity & Mahar movement”.

DV Feb.1, 2009 p.11: “Caste identity graduates into caste armies: DV theory takes big leap”

DV April 1, 2009 p.6: “Nitish experiment in caste identity may spoil Lalu chances”.

DV Sept.16, 2004 p.5: “Chamars became slaves when they lost their caste identity”.


Marxist mask of the Hindu editor falls


Bangalore: Brahmins do fight between themselves to share the loot, but never in public and nothing will be known to the outsiders.

But the Iyengar Brahmins belonging to the House of the Hindu, called the “Mount Road Mahavishnu” of Madras, are not only quarreling but washing all the dirty linen in public.

The Indian Express, its rival, was the first to expose the frauds allegedly committed by the Editor of the Hindu, N. Ram, who hides himself under a “marxist” garb and yet remains a hard-core Manuwadi. All his posing as a “marxist”, giving lavish publicity to the bogus Brahmins in CPM, is an attempt to deceive the gullible.

The villain: The Manorama English publication (April 11, 2010), the Week, revealed the ongoing power struggle in the 132-year-old Hindu. Is the Hindu collapsing like the Indian Express?

The villain is N. Ram. He is targeted by the entire family for not retiring as the editor in May, 2010 as he turned 65.

Instead of keeping up the promise, the manuwadi marxist went on appointing his daughter and other close relative to top jobs.

Gail Omvedt & Kancha ousted: The country’s entire media is either owned by Brahmins or managed by them when the owners are Mardwadis or some others. The total hold on the media has kept the voice of the over 85% of the nationalities totally suppressed. And yet these Rams and Shyams go on shouting that India has the freest press in the world. Yes. They have the freedom to suck our blood.

A glaring example of N. Ram’s deep love for “free press” is to kick out Gail Omvedt and Kancha Ilaiah, two of the country’s most famous Dalit-Bahujan writers, who had a regular column in the Hindu, as soon as he became the Editor. Plenty of frauds are going round the country wearing the marxist mask.


Upper castes alone have the “merit”


Bangalore: The 15% upper castes who rule from centuries have become more merciless after they got “independence” in 1947. Look at the arrogance of these rulers.

These upper castes are carrying on their racist rule only because the SC/STs are not even getting angry. The moment they start getting angry, the micro-minority rulers will piss in their pants.

Read the following Times of India report of Dec. 11, 2009:

Madras: The Madras High Court has directed at least five nationalized banks to follow the rule of reservation for promotion of SC/ST candidates to officer ranks.

A division bench comprising Justice Elipe Dharma Rao and Justice C.T. Selvam, citing a central govt. memo of Aug.13, 1997, said: “When the Constitution has given an extra protection to the underprivileged communities so as to ensure equal opportunities as guaranteed by the constitution, the banks are not justified in sleeping over the matter of providing reservation in promotions for a decade with no good reason to offer”. The petitions and appeals were filed by the SC/ST employees associations of various nationalized banks, seeking a direction to the banks to provide reservation in promotions to officers from scale I to Scale VII as per the instructions issued by the Centre.

The banks, however, said promotion to officers grade is on the basis of merit-cum-seniority, to which reservation policy cannot be made application.

Justice Dharma Rao said: “We are unable to understand such a sweeping and generalized argument advanced on the part of the banks, as if all the employees belonging to these underprivileged classes are inefficient and not suitable for promotion. When the Union of India has directed the banks to follow the rule of reservation in promotions in all cadres as early as in the year 1997, there is no impediment for the banks to implement the same. However, for no better reason to be appreciated, the banks are adamant in not implementing the office memo”.


Racism in Canara Bank


Bangalore: On the historic occasion of the Dr. Ambedkar birth anniversary (April 14, 2010), this correspondent visited the headoffice of the Canara Bank in Bangalore to find out the representation of Dalits in this state-owned bank, 50 years after the constitution came into being. The following shocking facts have been gathered.

The bank has about 12,000 Dalit employees but only 3,000 officers — that too at lower levels.

Though the bank is govt.-owned it is run by micro-minority Brahmins and other upper castes (15%) who never allow Dalits to come up.

This is evident from the following negligible representation of SC/ST in the executive posts. Even the couple of SC/STs promoted to executive jobs are not given responsible postings. Such is the extent of racism inside this bank and all other govt. institutions.

General Managers (GM) 2 out 38

DGM 6 out of 160

AGM 16 out of 300

Div.M 56 out of 500.

Reservation in promotion is given only up to scale-I posts but no reservation above this. Though the bank is owned by the state the upper caste bosses behave as if they are its owners.

Please read our DSA book, Merit - My Foot, (Reply to anti-Reservation Racists), V.T. Rajshekar, Rs. 30.


Hindu terrorists to set up Israel-based govt.


Bangalore: The Maharashtra Police have detected that the powerful Chitpavan Brahmin-led Abhinav Bharat (AB) terrorist force is proposing its head quarters in Zionist Israel.

The Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) chargesheet in the Malegaon blast case claims that as per statements from the accused the town was singled out for the blast as “it was the ideal place where the Muslim community crowd was the maximum” and that prime accused Lt. Col. Prasad Purohit had told fellow conspirators it was time to set up a parallel Hindu Govt. in-exile which could operate out of Israel and ensure a completely sashastra (armed) India. Purohit, according to the 4,528-page chargesheet, promised “all logistic help” with finances from several quarters and support from some of his contacts in Thailand.

But the entire govt., both central and state, are silent on the AB terrorist activities including its involvement in the terrorist attack (26/11) on Bombay disclosed in the book, Who Killed Karkare?, by S.M. Mushrif.

The govt. itself is afraid of the AB because all the culprits being Brahmins are above the govt.

The zionist Israeli connection revealed in the ATS report is yet another proof that strengthens DV theory that the Jews and “Jews of India” are cousins.


BPL population bursting


Bangalore: Under the Brahminist-ruled “Shining India”, about 40% of its 1,300 million population is living under the below poverty line (BPL). The Planning Commission has officially admitted this fact (TOI, April 19, 2010).

If this is the official figure, what must be the factual situation? The micro-minority upper caste (15%) rulers pre-occupied with IPL cricket have forgotten this “scum” which they think is a liability. After the Khatri Sick PM took over, the BPL population has further enlarged. This is because IPL rulers are sucking the blood of the BPL slaves.



Jews & Jews of India are brothers

Dalits alone have the capacity to destroy Brahminism


San Franscisco, USA


Mleccha Lut bin Yahya is a well-versed scholar from America with both white and native American Indian ancestry and a recent convert to Islam. He also realizes the importance of Indian sages to the world’s inner growth, including the Budha, Ravidas, Guru Nanak, Birsa Munda, Babasaheb Ambedkar, and V.T. Rajshekar. Through Dalit Voice, Mleccha became aware of and studied the hidden alliance between Brahmins and the Zionist Jews, both descendants of an Aryan elite which still exists today. He shows that this Aryan cabal promotes anti-Muslim sentiment and a worldwide caste system. He found even zionist Israel has its own Dalit class found among the Palestinians and Haredi Jews who oppose the terrorist Zionist regime known as Likud. Mleccha seeks to continue to expose the oppressive tactics of Zionists and Brahmins, seeking to create unity between Muslims, Dalits, and all those people yearning for freedom worldwide.

2010 Rs. 10

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